Wednesday, August 31, 2011

W.I.P. Wednesday #2

Alright, so since my last W.I.P. I have really tried to work on my projects... but I got bit by that bug, the one that always bites when you're looking through amazing blogs and seeing everything that people are accomplishing... I started 2 new projects.. hehehe ;)

Current Projects: 

1. Spanish Tiles
Picture from Heather Peterson's book Living Large 2
  • I have been in LOVE with Heather Peterson's book Living Large 2 for months, and after seeing her new design of this pattern it clinched it. I love how she made the center tile the focal point and built from that. So of course, I picked some fabric and am eagerly awaiting its arrival in the mail... any day now!!

2. Swoon

  • One new project is never enough and this pattern has also been sitting patiently waiting for me to dive in. This weekend was the perfect opportunity! I didn't make an insane amount of progress, but I'm loving the patten so far and i'm looking forward to continuing it.
  • I think I may have to make numerous blocks of this, i had initially thought pastel colors and dark/light hues of the same color for each block like this and this, but after seeing these and these my mind is changing.

So what do you think? 

3. Goodie Swap - 1 mug rug and 1 goodie done, 1 mug rug and 1 goodie to go...
Just a teaser because I don't want my partner to guess it's her!

My first rug mug... EVER.

 pincushion front

4. 100 Quilts for Kids

Swim, Bike, Quilt is hosting a simple quilt along to help newbies like myself get involved in this great cause! She also linked up with a fabric company to give a nice discount as incentive!
I'm eagerly waiting for my fabric to arrive so I can join in the fun!

After everything my area has been seeing on the news about the devastation, flooding, and overall destruction left by Hurricane Irene as well as the flood waters which continue to ride from the rivers, and seeing how much people have lost.. i was glad I found this quilt along and will be able to donate it to a group in my area. Help your areas as well if you can!

5. Hexagons - no progress
  • Still staring at these with NO idea what to do with them.. oh well, these seem to be my go-to travel quilting anyway, they're easy to carry and do on the go, so these will probably be perpetual.. i'm lacking motivation, so why force myself and come to not like them anyway..
Finished Projects:

1. Puff Quilt
  • Whew! After seeing it last week realizing how close I was to finishing it, I knew this would be the week. The official baby shower invitation came in the mail, further motivating me.  I DID IT! Hurricane Irene helped my situation by keeping me inside all weekend...
I finished the puff borders and machine aspect of the binding on Friday night because I had no idea when/if we'd have power the rest of the weekend.. thankfully I made the right choice and was able to finish the hand stitching on the binding Sunday during the worst of the storm.

The one thing that completely amazes me, is how heavy this quilt is?!?!?! 
Was not expecting that one, I guess i didn't process how much stuffing there is in it though either.. Also, the borders and backing are flannel, I thought this would give it a little something extra.. it's soooooo warm.

I'm beyond pleased with how this came out and will be keeping this pattern in my binder as a MUST for when I am having my own kids.... (by then the binder will be 300 patterns thick i'm sure) haha oh welllllll

2. Quilting for Kids
I decided Friday of last week to participate in a project by So Sarah Sews called Quilting for Kids. In just ONE WEEK
Sarah was able to get enough people to commit to making blocks for 2 quilts. 
The generosity of people in both their time and materials amazes me, and it was something I absolutely had to be a part of.

3. Tile Coasters

Recently my friend and her boyfriend moved into their first apartment together! 
I've been eyeing this project for a while so I decided this was the perfect opportunity.

Totals this week are a bit skewed because of my late additions after last weeks W.I.P.

Finished Projects - 3
New Projects - 3
In Progress - 2

Total projects  - 5 

Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Just a quickie post today, I'm busy enjoying the sunshine and working on my swaps for the Goodie Swap 2011 hosted by Fluffy Sheep Quilting! It is my first swap and I'm super excited. I finished one of my "goodies" but this is all I can show you since my partner might figure out who they are!

I got to use some of my "Sugar and Spice" that i won in a recent giveaway!

Well, thats 1 goodie down, 1 to go and 2 mug rugs! :)
                                                         1 mug rug!

UPDATE: 1 mug rug down!

Be gentle! haha My first mug rug ever.. definitely room for improvement!

UPDATE UPDATE! - Finished another goodie!

Pincushion for my goodie swap partner!! yay!!

Monday, August 29, 2011

Puff Quilt

Puff Quilt

I did it! I finished my first puff quilt. 
This had been on my W.I.P. list, all it needed was the borders, backing and binding. The B-trifecta!
(Pattern by Honeybear Lane - You can purchase it using that link)

Anyway, I got to making the borders this past weekend 

I decided to try and be a bit thrifty. I used batting leftover from my quilts to "puff" up the borders. Though the borders were not as full as the center puffs, I still think it came out well and I'm glad I was able to use up the batting, I hate wasting!

(excuse the picture AGAIN, nighttime picture)

Once the borders were on, I put on the backing and starting binding it.
Here's my finished product!

Overall, I'm quite pleased with how it turned out! The colors compliment each other (chosen by my sister, who has zero quilting experience, but a total eye for colors and things like that) and the flannel backing gives it some added warmth.
I'll let you know how the mom-to-be likes it! I hope she does!

Till next time!

I'm Linking up..

Sunday, August 28, 2011


Such a wonderful word, and a wonderful concept, yet something I'm not usually very good at.
However, this weekend I buckled down and set my mind to accomplish some W.I.P's, as well as some other things I had wanted to do
and i did it!
With the weather being so crummy on Saturday as we braced ourselves for Irene, I was able to try something i've been wanting to for a long time.. 

I made coasters as a housewarming present for some friends that just moved into their first apartment!!
I've seen these tutorials around and I decided now was my opportunity. I used this tutorial

My advice if you try this, make SURE the edges of the paper are stuck down well when you initially put them in the modge podge. 
I didn't focus on this too much and ended up with 3 coasters with bubbly edges that I tore off and redid.

I also made a square for So Sarah Sews
Rough picture, sorry, it was POURING and difficult to get any natural light!
Anyway, I LOVED the idea Sarah had and liked making the blocks so much...

that I made another!!

Seriously, if you have the time I highly recommend checking her blog out, the square is simple enough for new quilters and it's a phenomenal cause!

Lastly, I saved this one for Sunday because I figured the power would be out.. which it was for most of the day, but it's back so I can hardly complain.
I was able to sit around and finish the hand stitching on the binding. Yayyy!

This baby Puff Quilt is DONE!
(and it doesn't need to be until November! Woohoo for finishing a project early, it doesn't happen often!)

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Weekend of Participation

Maybe I just have too much time on my hands to sit at my laptop, and maybe I'm so green to blogging i'm overzealous and spreading myself thin... but I found myself joining and volunteering left and right!

I loved every second of it!

First up -- 
Anyway, I decided to join in the fun for the 100 Quilts for Kids by taking part in a Quilt Along!
Swim, Bike, Quilt is hosting a quilt along to help bloggers out and theres all kinds of incentives (totally unnecessary, but totally fun) as perks!
She has also teamed up with a quilt shop to offer discounts for backing and charm packs for the quilts!

Then -- 

I also came across another awesome cause So Sarah Sews is organizing to make quilts for foster children. She is asking for help to make blocks (1-2, whatever you can do) in pink and purple. Contact her to sign up, and in the meantime check out all the blocks that have already been made!

Pictures of the blocks from So Sarah Sews that are being made for the quilts.

So, if I've inspired any of you to get involved the way that I was inspired then awesome!

Have a safe weekend everyone, we're still waiting for Irene to get to us tonight....

Till next time!

Friday, August 26, 2011

Angry Woman

This weekend's plans are unexpectedly interrupted by one angry lady!
Hurricane Irene

Check out all that redness. Mandatory evacuations are in place, people are preparing the best they can.. 
Here's hoping for the best, try and keep everyone from the Caroline Coast up through Boston in your thoughts, and if you live in that area, start safe.

Anyway, to me, this just means more time to be inside and finish my W.I.P.'s (I'm binding the puff quilt today!!) I've also added 2-3 more projects to my W.I.P. after all the positive comments from you telling me its perfectly acceptable, and part of the fun!! You all are the best :)

Stay safe this weekend everyone!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Rainy Days

We're getting a bunch of rain in my area today.. only to be followed by MORE RAIN this weekend when Hurricane Irene decides to make landfall.

I decided today would be the perfect day to organize my fabric.

A while back I had purchased these to make mini-bolts of fabric. 

After looking at several tutorials and lots of trial and error on my part I decided to show you all how I fold my fabric to make mini bolts.

Folding to make Mini-bolt:
I used these cardboard boards for most of my yardage, anywhere from 1/2yd - 2yds. (it was definitely more bulky at 2 yes, but doable)

First, spread out your fabric and fold it in half on the selvage side.

Fold it in half again, you should have a long narrow strip.

Place your board towards the bottom, leaving enough fabric to fold up and start your bolt.

Continue folding the fabric and board up. Try to keep it tight on the board.

Next, fold the top flap down and pin in place on the two sides.

Voila! Your first mini bolt of fabric. :)

Keep folding!!

For now, my fabric sits in plastic tubs, but I'd LOVE to get a cabinet shelving unit with glass doors of some sort to display my fabric. (Any recommendations on where I can find something like this?)

If any of my instructions were unclear PLEASE comment or email me and let me know, this was my first attempt at a tutorial and i'm all about constructive criticism!! 

Folding a Fat Quarter:
 First, spread out your fat quarter.

Just like you did with the mini bolt, fold it in half on the selvage.

Fold it in half again, and you should have a skinny strip

Next, fold the two edges into the middle, it should look like this.

Fold one side over to the other, folding at the middle and producing a neat square.

These goodies are the new "Sugar and Spice" line, I received them in the mail this morning from Made with Love through their summer camp giveaway.

These would cheer anybody up on a rainy day like today :)

Stay dry everybody and have a great Thursday!

'Till next time

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