Tuesday, August 23, 2011


I came across this fabulous post today at While He Was Napping that was meant to help new bloggers adjust and come to terms with their lack of traffic flow. I for one found it very helpful and definitely something to keep in mind because though I want this blog to be a success, I understand that it will take time

She also gives some helpful hints on how to get your blog out into the blogging world as well as some blogging etiquette about link parties and how to go about giving people the proper credit.

Plus, she's just a fantastic blogger that I personally have been following since I starting finding/discovering/hearing about craft blogs. Tons of fun things to see, read and try!

Alright, that's enough from me today, enjoy your Tuesday and i'll be back tomorrow or even later today if I get super adventurous with some more fun things to share.
Seeeee you soon! :)

By the way, I'm linking up today at quilt story today, go check out the awesomeness of some amazing people!


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