Sunday, August 28, 2011


Such a wonderful word, and a wonderful concept, yet something I'm not usually very good at.
However, this weekend I buckled down and set my mind to accomplish some W.I.P's, as well as some other things I had wanted to do
and i did it!
With the weather being so crummy on Saturday as we braced ourselves for Irene, I was able to try something i've been wanting to for a long time.. 

I made coasters as a housewarming present for some friends that just moved into their first apartment!!
I've seen these tutorials around and I decided now was my opportunity. I used this tutorial

My advice if you try this, make SURE the edges of the paper are stuck down well when you initially put them in the modge podge. 
I didn't focus on this too much and ended up with 3 coasters with bubbly edges that I tore off and redid.

I also made a square for So Sarah Sews
Rough picture, sorry, it was POURING and difficult to get any natural light!
Anyway, I LOVED the idea Sarah had and liked making the blocks so much...

that I made another!!

Seriously, if you have the time I highly recommend checking her blog out, the square is simple enough for new quilters and it's a phenomenal cause!

Lastly, I saved this one for Sunday because I figured the power would be out.. which it was for most of the day, but it's back so I can hardly complain.
I was able to sit around and finish the hand stitching on the binding. Yayyy!

This baby Puff Quilt is DONE!
(and it doesn't need to be until November! Woohoo for finishing a project early, it doesn't happen often!)


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