Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Just a quickie post today, I'm busy enjoying the sunshine and working on my swaps for the Goodie Swap 2011 hosted by Fluffy Sheep Quilting! It is my first swap and I'm super excited. I finished one of my "goodies" but this is all I can show you since my partner might figure out who they are!

I got to use some of my "Sugar and Spice" that i won in a recent giveaway!

Well, thats 1 goodie down, 1 to go and 2 mug rugs! :)
                                                         1 mug rug!

UPDATE: 1 mug rug down!

Be gentle! haha My first mug rug ever.. definitely room for improvement!

UPDATE UPDATE! - Finished another goodie!

Pincushion for my goodie swap partner!! yay!!


  1. Look at that lovely mug rug! It's fantastic! I haven't started creating yet, but can't wait to jump in next week. Come on over and giggle at my first try when I get that organized :)

  2. Very cool, love the banners :o) I haven't started creating mine yet, I'm still at the supply gathering stage!

  3. Slow down, woman!! ;) It all looks great!

  4. School starts next Tuesday! haha I doubt I'll have much time when that starts so I'm being proactive.. plus, its so much fun!! :)


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