Thursday, August 25, 2011

Rainy Days

We're getting a bunch of rain in my area today.. only to be followed by MORE RAIN this weekend when Hurricane Irene decides to make landfall.

I decided today would be the perfect day to organize my fabric.

A while back I had purchased these to make mini-bolts of fabric. 

After looking at several tutorials and lots of trial and error on my part I decided to show you all how I fold my fabric to make mini bolts.

Folding to make Mini-bolt:
I used these cardboard boards for most of my yardage, anywhere from 1/2yd - 2yds. (it was definitely more bulky at 2 yes, but doable)

First, spread out your fabric and fold it in half on the selvage side.

Fold it in half again, you should have a long narrow strip.

Place your board towards the bottom, leaving enough fabric to fold up and start your bolt.

Continue folding the fabric and board up. Try to keep it tight on the board.

Next, fold the top flap down and pin in place on the two sides.

Voila! Your first mini bolt of fabric. :)

Keep folding!!

For now, my fabric sits in plastic tubs, but I'd LOVE to get a cabinet shelving unit with glass doors of some sort to display my fabric. (Any recommendations on where I can find something like this?)

If any of my instructions were unclear PLEASE comment or email me and let me know, this was my first attempt at a tutorial and i'm all about constructive criticism!! 

Folding a Fat Quarter:
 First, spread out your fat quarter.

Just like you did with the mini bolt, fold it in half on the selvage.

Fold it in half again, and you should have a skinny strip

Next, fold the two edges into the middle, it should look like this.

Fold one side over to the other, folding at the middle and producing a neat square.

These goodies are the new "Sugar and Spice" line, I received them in the mail this morning from Made with Love through their summer camp giveaway.

These would cheer anybody up on a rainy day like today :)

Stay dry everybody and have a great Thursday!

'Till next time

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  1. Visiting from the Goodie Swap and that is similar to the way I store my fabric except that after I wrap them I store them upright on a bookshelf. Very handy. I hope you don't get waterlogged from all that rain.


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