Wednesday, August 24, 2011

W.I.P. Wednesday #1

Alright, so every week I check out other blogs and look forward to the W.I.P. It makes me feel a ton better to know there are so many other people out there with 8, 9, and 10 W.I.P's!! I thought I was insane to have 3-4... well, ask my family and they'll still tell you I'm insane. 

I constantly get the 
"How can you concentrate on more than one project?"
 "Won't you get confused?" 
or my personal favorite... 
"You're starting another project?? You have 4 you haven't finished yet!" 

oh, if they only knew the amount of project ideas in my brain they'd be happy I only have 3-4 in progress :)

Works in Progress:

1. Puff Quilt : I've been following her blog a long time and have loved these quilts so I knew I had to try one. This quilt I'm making for a friend of my siblings, she's having a girl sometime in November so I though I'd get a jump start on it (That was 2 months ago.. whoops)

2. Hexagons: Love these things, so I've been making them using scraps to use with various projects, maybe    I'll have figured out exactly what I want to do with them by next week

My mom had requested a mug rug, so this was the start of that, maybe it'll continue and finish as that, not sure, i'm not loving it at the moment..

Fall on the brain!!! 

New Projects:
1. I joined the Goodie Swap hosted by Fluffy Sheep Quilting !! It's my very first swap so I'm nervous but it'll be fun. (It's open until Friday, August 26, if anyone wants to join! It's up to 43 people!)

Completed Projects:

1. Laptop Cozy : I made this last week to go with my newly purchase Mac, and I'm in love with both the computer and the cozy :)

Completed Projects: 1
In Progress: 2
New Projects: 1
Total Projects: 3

Till next time!


  1. Love your laptop cozy. I need to make one of those, but can't pick out the 'right' fabrics, LOL! I love your hexies... they are 'sew' cute. Those fabrics for the puff quilt are adorable and just perfect for a little girl. I keep thinking that I need to make one of those to, LOL!

  2. I love your puff quilt. I think it's a neat style, but with the number of projects I have, I can't start one right now! I hear the same things you do about having multiple projects on the go. Sigh. They'll never understand....

  3. oh I totally understand, it sat in the "One Day I'll get to it" folder until i finally took the plunge. They never will, but thats half the fun :)

  4. Puff and Hex! Two excellent projects to currently have in the WIP queue! There's no such thing as too many projects, believe me, there's always room.

    If you don't start, you'll never (however long it takes) finish. And ideas in journals and just ideas until you dive in and start them. I have repeated this at home a lot!

    I haven not seen a laptop cozy before, but I have a large fabric stash and have learnt to never say 'I don't have time' !

  5. Love all your projects we all have them and it keeps us interested and not bored.
    Welcome to UFO club. LOL

  6. Hi Jennifer. Thanks for stopping by my blog :)
    I love all your projects. Those hexies especially are just too cute! I have hexies on my "to-try" list and must try them soon. Kat xx


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