Friday, September 30, 2011

Summer Sewing Finale

Unfortunately my blog was not up and running when Sarah from Fairy Face Designs set up her summer sewing lists. Basically you were to make a list of projects you wanted to accomplish in the summer and people are now posting about what they actually accomplished.

I decided to make a mosaic of the things I was able to accomplish pre- and post- setting up Knotted-Thread.
It's nice to be able to look back when you're feeling totally overwhelmed and realize just how much you actually did do..

 Some of these beauties I have not yet had the chance to blog about, but there they are in all their glory -- I hadn't realized I did so much! I understand why my family thinks i'm crazy! :)

1. Mod Times Quilt Along
2. Chincoteague Quilt (realizing this was completed in April/May so technically not summer, sorry!)
3. So Sarah Sews Quilting for Kids
7. & 8. Goodie Swap 2011 
9. Kaleidoscope quilt along - to be blogged about next week :)
12. Turtle quilt - made for my sister post Chincoteague quilt using the same appliqué pattern, enlarged

As i'm creating this I'm realizing just how much I signed up/on for through Christmas.. should be fun!!

Have a great weekend everyone.

Don't forget, giveaway winner announced on Sunday, October 2, 2011

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Goodie Swap Goodies!!

This week I received my Goodie Swap 2011 items!! 
Everyday I would excitedly come home from work and look to see if my packages arrived!

On Tuesday, I received this..
I LOVED this when I saw it on flickr -- I can't believe its mine!!
This was made by the fabulous Toni -- she couldn't have gotten my colors or style more right!

Of course I couldn't wait to immediately put the pouch to good use - I'm starting "Dash Away" embroidery this weekend :) 

So fabulous :)
Thank you Toni!!! I love everything!
(btw this pattern is part of the giveaway -- don't forget to enter!)

Thennnn, yesterday I found this pretty package waiting for me..
This package came from Stephanie
Seriously, if you've seen my Chincoteague quilt you know my favorite place is on the ocean.
My family immediately started discussing where this was going in our beach house!

So adorable!

I also got this fabulous tote to use for sewing classes and retreats. It has a fabulous large pocket on the other side and these two on this side. My rotary ruler and everything essential will fit perfectly.

Lastly, she included this fabulous idea of Molten Chocolate Cake which you make.. IN THE MUG.
So stinking cute, what a nice touch for this swap.

Partners, this was my first swap and I seriously could not be happier, thank you so much for taking the time to learn about me, and make me beautiful gifts!!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

W.I.P. Wednesday #6

If you're here for the giveaway - click here

Week 6 W.I.P.
Whoa. 6 weeks already -- I think that since committing to the W.I.P. fun and keeping myself on task, I've definitely been keeping myself on task and finishing/starting more projects.. I love it!

Anyway..This weekend was crazy again with minimal sewing time, but hey, like most of you i'm sure, I'll take what I can get :)

Works in Progress-
1. Swoon Blocks - 2 more completed :)

I just love these blocks - they're going on hold now for a bit since I have some other things I need to finish, but I'm trying to figure out if I should keep it small and just add one more block, or go for the full 9 in a rainbow of colors.. (they're addicting, and so far I'm not tired of them, so we'll see)

2. Pay it Forward - one is nearing completion - All you get is a sneak peek though -- partners, any guesses as to whose this is?? :)

3. Which Witch - I started cutting my fusible interfacing and pulling fabrics so maybe this week I'll have some pieces to show :)

4. Surprise Quilt - Research - done! Fabrics - ordered! Pattern - no idea :(

5. Organization -
Remember this?

Well, it's a fabulous bookcase now! Still empty though.. once it's all filled up I'll have some pictures!
Oh, and for those of you that were concerned - relationship still intact :)
I completely left my boyfriend alone to figure it out, so we're all good.. if i hadn't have.. I understand where the warnings came from!! haha

New Projects - 
2. Table Runner/Wall Hanging Swap (still open for sign-ups till Sept 30th)
3. Christmas Table Runner Swap (still open for sign-ups)
4. Fabulous Holiday tutorial for all of YOU! (Next week maybe?)

As always, I'm linking up at Freshly Pieced 


Monday, September 26, 2011

Giveaway Mondayyy!

Today we have a giveaway for you!!

I was lucky enough to come across this blog, Twin-Stitchers last week. These ladies have some amazing embroidery patterns in their shop.

Their patterns range from seasonal..

to specific holidays..

(Seriously, is this not adorable!?)

and family related patterns.

Coley from Twin Stitchers has GENEROUSLY offered to give one lucky follower a

$20 store credit 

So, here's how it's going to go..
Mandatory Entry:
First, it's a follower giveaway, so you need to be a follower, then head over to Twin Stitches and check out her page, come back and tell me your favorite pattern.

Additional entry:
Blog or Facebook post about this giveaway and leave the link in a comment.

So you get TWO chances to win :)

Random Generator will pick a winner on Sunday night, October 2, 2011 so you have a week to enter!

Giveaway has closed.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Weekend in Pictures

Organizing my scraps leftover from my boyfriend's Christmas quilt last year..
Attempting to organize and create a smaller lap quilt for his mother from the pieces this year!

Two more swoon blocks done!

Previously finished one..

These blocks are seriously addicting..

What my night consists of.. I picked up a bookcase from Ikea this weekend and I'm awaiting my boyfriend's arrival to help me put it together..
Should be interesting, but hopefully later this week I'll have a nicely organized fabric stash to show off! 

Don't forget to come back tomorrow for a giveaway!! 

Friday, September 23, 2011

Giveaway Ahead

Ah! We made it! 
Giveaway will commence on Monday, come back and check it out.

Believe me, you won't regret it.. 
sneak peek..

Have a great weekend everyone! :)

Swap Goodies!

Today's the day! It's here! I'm sending my mug rugs and goodies out in the mail!
Since they're safely in the mail to their recipients I decided its okay to show you all the pictures how since i've been hiding it a bit.

Swap partner #1
We have a pincushion as her goodie (a little on the supersize) and a pendant mug rug!

Swap Partner #2
This is the one I've been more secretive with. She is expecting a baby this fall, so I made a bapron and added a pocket to the front because I'm told "thats a crucial element" - I don't have kids so I have to heed the advice of others - plus, I think it adds a nice element.

The embroidery is a little hard to read but it says "drinks for all"

(I used Sugar and Spice for this bapron, and the back is a green flannel)

All wrapped up and ready to go !

Partners, I hope you enjoy these as much as I enjoyed making them!
This was my first swap and I couldn't have asked for better partners!
Big thanks to Cindy for organizing the swap also!!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Celebrate Color

Stitched in Color is hosting a series called "Celebrate Color"
to bring in fall!

There are 4 categories for this with giveaways following the link parties - needlecraft, yarn, home decor and clothing. Check it out!

I was fooling around with some fall colors and created a fabric bucket!

I used this this tutorial to make it. Currently it's sitting in our house with candy in it :)
This project definitely can't compete with the fall decor projects that are up there, but it was what I could get done and something i wanted to try so I'm happy with it!! 
I already have received requests for more, though they haven't been able to tell me what they'll use it for! 

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

W.I.P. Wednesday #5

Here we are again, another Wednesday!
Last week I definitely did not get enough sewing done, but I was able to accomplish some priority things..

Works in Progress
1. Swoon Blocks
All set up and ready to start sewing to make HST's

everything for my pink and green blocks

yoohoo! HST'S complete and pressed -- geese waiting to be completed

seriously in love with these colors..
Hoping to finish the pieces and start putting them together this week(end)!

2. Pay it Forward gifts - started pulling fabric for my first one.. pictures to follow soon :)

3. Spanish Tiles - no progress (I don't foresee this getting any progress for a while, my brain is beginning to go into holiday mode.. it's only September!! ah!)

4. Surprise Quilt - I got some research done this weekend for this quilt, and started to think about pattern and colors. Hopefully I'll pick up some fabric this week and finalize a pattern so I can show you more..

Finished Projects
1. Goodie Swap 2011 - the talent in this group of ladies is AMAZING - I'm waiting to post my pictures until I put them in the mail on Friday! :)

New Projects:
1. Which Witch - Might be cutting it close with this one, but I loveee this pattern and I was just able to find it so I have to at least try!!

I'll be running around picking up halloween fabric and pellon this week to get started on cutting the appliqué pieces.. cross your fingers for me!

Total Projects: 5
As always, I'm linking up with Tea Rose Home :) (Freshly Pieced is taking some personal time out so no link up today)

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Oy, did it again..

I'm a total sucker (for quilting)
I decided, just now, that I would join... another swap!!

Okay, so I make it sound like a big deal, and I may have promised myself not to get overloaded with the holidays coming up and personal quilting that needed to be done.. 

but i can't resist!!

The lovely Kat is hosting a Scrap Swap and is taking sign-ups until Sept. 30th.
It's a scrap swap with all of your combined scraps measuring approx. to a fat quarter, a small goodie and something that pertains to your area that you live.. it is international though, so if thats a deal breaker for anyone stop here..

BUT - if you find yourself like me and can't resist a good swap with such an amazing community of people.. JOIN!
It'll be over by October (plenty of time left for holiday quilting... at least thats what i'm telling myself!) haha

Sew Happy Geek is also organizing a swap that I couldn't help but join!

Something different and new as well - check her out if you have any interest in this type of swap - signups are closing soon!!

In other sewing news, I was actually productive last night but forgot to upload pictures, so that will wait till tomorrow.

Till next time!

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