Thursday, September 22, 2011

Celebrate Color

Stitched in Color is hosting a series called "Celebrate Color"
to bring in fall!

There are 4 categories for this with giveaways following the link parties - needlecraft, yarn, home decor and clothing. Check it out!

I was fooling around with some fall colors and created a fabric bucket!

I used this this tutorial to make it. Currently it's sitting in our house with candy in it :)
This project definitely can't compete with the fall decor projects that are up there, but it was what I could get done and something i wanted to try so I'm happy with it!! 
I already have received requests for more, though they haven't been able to tell me what they'll use it for! 


  1. Very cute, Jennifer! I need to try that tutorial. Those baskets look pretty handy!

  2. I always love these baskets, and yours is no exception. Thanks for adding it to the pool!

  3. You know I've recently found these baskets too and I am in love with them. I can't wait to make a few for Christmas :)


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