Thursday, September 29, 2011

Goodie Swap Goodies!!

This week I received my Goodie Swap 2011 items!! 
Everyday I would excitedly come home from work and look to see if my packages arrived!

On Tuesday, I received this..
I LOVED this when I saw it on flickr -- I can't believe its mine!!
This was made by the fabulous Toni -- she couldn't have gotten my colors or style more right!

Of course I couldn't wait to immediately put the pouch to good use - I'm starting "Dash Away" embroidery this weekend :) 

So fabulous :)
Thank you Toni!!! I love everything!
(btw this pattern is part of the giveaway -- don't forget to enter!)

Thennnn, yesterday I found this pretty package waiting for me..
This package came from Stephanie
Seriously, if you've seen my Chincoteague quilt you know my favorite place is on the ocean.
My family immediately started discussing where this was going in our beach house!

So adorable!

I also got this fabulous tote to use for sewing classes and retreats. It has a fabulous large pocket on the other side and these two on this side. My rotary ruler and everything essential will fit perfectly.

Lastly, she included this fabulous idea of Molten Chocolate Cake which you make.. IN THE MUG.
So stinking cute, what a nice touch for this swap.

Partners, this was my first swap and I seriously could not be happier, thank you so much for taking the time to learn about me, and make me beautiful gifts!!


  1. What great swap projects! Glad your first swap was such a great experience!

  2. It all looks so beautiful! I haven't done a swap yet but seeing things like this makes me want to.

  3. I'm so relieved you like it!! Glad to see you are getting some use out of the pouch!


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