Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Oy, did it again..

I'm a total sucker (for quilting)
I decided, just now, that I would join... another swap!!

Okay, so I make it sound like a big deal, and I may have promised myself not to get overloaded with the holidays coming up and personal quilting that needed to be done.. 

but i can't resist!!

The lovely Kat is hosting a Scrap Swap and is taking sign-ups until Sept. 30th.
It's a scrap swap with all of your combined scraps measuring approx. to a fat quarter, a small goodie and something that pertains to your area that you live.. it is international though, so if thats a deal breaker for anyone stop here..

BUT - if you find yourself like me and can't resist a good swap with such an amazing community of people.. JOIN!
It'll be over by October (plenty of time left for holiday quilting... at least thats what i'm telling myself!) haha

Sew Happy Geek is also organizing a swap that I couldn't help but join!

Something different and new as well - check her out if you have any interest in this type of swap - signups are closing soon!!

In other sewing news, I was actually productive last night but forgot to upload pictures, so that will wait till tomorrow.

Till next time!


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