Monday, September 5, 2011

Holiday Weekend

So for the holiday weekend I decided to go with my family to my FAVORITE place in the world..

Anybody remember this view??
Yep, you guessed it. Chincoteague Island, VA.
The visit was multi-purpose, first to check out the damage left by Irene and secondly to enjoy the sun :)
Thankfully, our house was left unscathed.. how, I have NO idea, the eye of the storm literally went directly over the island.. but I'm thankful regardless.
The beach however, was torn apart and while Assateague Island can usually park 950 cars, they were able to park 300 this weekend.. YIKES!

I had decided to bring my sewing machine this trip and get some work done on my W.I.P's - I was planning to give you a tour of my makeshift crafting area, but this was as far as I got before my battery died!

Not a bad view aye? 

Well anyway, I only got ONE block done on my Swoon quilt because the pattern is very exact and i was paranoid to make any mistakes.. after a drink or two in the sun and on the beaches I decided quilting probably wasn't a good idea! haha

block 1 

I decided to go with the pastels for this one, and am thinking these colors for some other blocks

I'll worry about the rest later!

Tomorrow starts my in-service days at school and I just found out the elementary schools ceilings collapsed with Irene, so we are all being moved to the middle school UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE. Ah!
Should be interesting.. wish me luck.

Quilting may slow down for a bit with work starting but I'll do my best!!
I'm working on a new project Pay it Forward and would love for you to participate!

Also, I'm thinking a giveaway might be in order soon, I'm thinking when I get to 25 followers maybe? Spread the word! :)


  1. Lovely view, so glad your house survived Irene! The block looks great, that would probably be my weekend limit with something that fiddly.

    Hope you survive your first day back at school :o)

  2. Oh I like your quilt block. Good luck with in-service. Sorry to hear that there was damage at your school.

  3. Thanks ladies! Survived the first day, damages were intense though and it should be an interesting start to the year! haha

  4. Love the Swoon block! Thanks for linking up to {Sew} Modern Monday and have a great week--even if it is back at school! :)


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