Friday, September 2, 2011

Weekend Goals

Alright, my goal this weekend - 3 blocks 

attainable? Probably. 
going to happen? Probably not.

Last weekend of summer, school starts on Tuesday.. new job, new students, new stresses.. I'll definitely be relaxing this weekend!

Enjoy the holiday weekend everybody, I'll keep you updated on my progress.. if there is any!

UPDATE - 1 block completed :)
(as of Friday, 10:30pm)


  1. Good luck with your goal! I always seem to set unatainable goals for weekends, normal length or long, but if you set the bar too high and come close it's better than setting it too low and not being bothered at all

  2. Let's see a photo! I love this pattern and would really like to see what you're creating!


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