Wednesday, September 7, 2011

W.I.P. Wednesday #3

WOW, 3rd W.I.P. already!!
I'll be honest, this week I wasn't nearlyyyy as productive, but in my defense, it was a holiday weekend and school started yesterday!
Let's get to it!

Works in Progress:
1. Swoon - one block completed

2, Goodie Swap - no progress (1 more mug rug to complete)

3. Spanish Tiles - received my fabric! No progress yet though...

Look at these goodies! Now I just have to decide which to use! decisions, decisions..

First up is some "Veranda Sorbet"
I love this line for its bright colors which are so away from my norm I think it would be good for me..

Next up, "Hyperreal Garden"
More subdued and my usual color palette..

4. 100 Quilts for Kids - No progress :(

I got my fabric for it though! I ordered from Del Ray. I guess Pam (owner) felt that she was late in sending it out because I found this extra goodie with my order and a handwritten note apologizing for mailing it late (in my opinion a week is great time, but I guess because it was supposed to be 3 day shipping.)

She included a charm pack of Kate Spain's "Flurry"! Talk about a great surprise. Anyway, moral of the story, I totally recommend Del Ray - and if you check out Bike, Swim, Quilts blog you can get a discount on charm packs for participating in 100 Quilts for Kids!

New Projects - 
1. Pay it Forward - I decided to hop on the band wagon. I received my three comments of willing participants, so I'll be working on projects for them, and they in turn will pay it forward to lucky commentors on their blogs!

2. Surprise Quilt - more on this later, it's a holiday surprise :)

Finished Projects - none :(
New Projects - 2

Total Projects - 6

This week will be intense, and I highly doubt I'll get much quilting done, but judging by this list.. I better get moving! haha


  1. I LOVE that swoon block!! Wow!! I have seen that pattern once before, and just LOVE it!! Great job!!

  2. Fun fabric! Fun projects! How can you go wrong?

  3. oh, I love Swoon! I'll be Swooning again soon! With Terrain in fact! Love that fabric! Your Swoon block looks great!

  4. I am just starting on my Swoon quilt...just have 1 block cut so far, but I LOVE the pattern! I love your block :o)

  5. Love your swoon block! Any progress is progress!

  6. Your swoon block is great! I really like the pattern you posted a few days ago, so I look forward to seeing more.
    About Spanish Tiles...I'd go bright. Just one step out of that comfort zone would be a nice adventure, wouldn't it?

  7. Looks productive to me!

    Go bright on the Spanish Tiles :oD

  8. I love the swoon block. A quilt of these is totally on my list.

  9. Fun to see your swoon block (love it!) And I loved the fabric tour--I've ordered from Del Ray before and she was great.

    Fun blog design you've got there, too. For me, that's half the fun of getting around to all the blogs on WIP Wednesday.

    Elizabeth E!

  10. Wow you've really got into the WIP thing for a new quilter! I love it, all your projects are looking really great. The swoon block is looking so charming in lilacs, I love it!

  11. wow - Veranda Sorbet sure is fantastic - I hadn't seen it before. I think you should use that set! ;D


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