Wednesday, September 28, 2011

W.I.P. Wednesday #6

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Week 6 W.I.P.
Whoa. 6 weeks already -- I think that since committing to the W.I.P. fun and keeping myself on task, I've definitely been keeping myself on task and finishing/starting more projects.. I love it!

Anyway..This weekend was crazy again with minimal sewing time, but hey, like most of you i'm sure, I'll take what I can get :)

Works in Progress-
1. Swoon Blocks - 2 more completed :)

I just love these blocks - they're going on hold now for a bit since I have some other things I need to finish, but I'm trying to figure out if I should keep it small and just add one more block, or go for the full 9 in a rainbow of colors.. (they're addicting, and so far I'm not tired of them, so we'll see)

2. Pay it Forward - one is nearing completion - All you get is a sneak peek though -- partners, any guesses as to whose this is?? :)

3. Which Witch - I started cutting my fusible interfacing and pulling fabrics so maybe this week I'll have some pieces to show :)

4. Surprise Quilt - Research - done! Fabrics - ordered! Pattern - no idea :(

5. Organization -
Remember this?

Well, it's a fabulous bookcase now! Still empty though.. once it's all filled up I'll have some pictures!
Oh, and for those of you that were concerned - relationship still intact :)
I completely left my boyfriend alone to figure it out, so we're all good.. if i hadn't have.. I understand where the warnings came from!! haha

New Projects - 
2. Table Runner/Wall Hanging Swap (still open for sign-ups till Sept 30th)
3. Christmas Table Runner Swap (still open for sign-ups)
4. Fabulous Holiday tutorial for all of YOU! (Next week maybe?)

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  1. Oh I love these blocks! Go the full set!

  2. I love the swoon blocks. They are so beautiful.

  3. Beautiful Swoon! I'm at the same place with mine - 2 done. I'm going all the way! ;-) It'll be beautiful either way. I'm made a couple of one-block Swoons, and even they are great fun! (p.s. I covet your clothes line. ha)

  4. The Swoon blocks are gorgeous. I wish I had a clothes line to hang up my projects! So beautiful. As for doing all 9 blocks, I'd take a break and decide...either way it will be gorgeous your colors are great.

  5. You know I love your swoon. Love.

    So glad you worked through your IKEA hurdle. Well done, relationship!

  6. Your Swoon blocks are just amazing. I'm yet to see one anywhere that I'm not in love with. If you're not tired of them yet--keep going. It'll just get more and more lovely!

  7. I LOVE how you did the same color for each Swoon blocks!

  8. Congrats on your progress, your Swoon blocks are beautiful! I love the green in the sneak peek photo!

  9. Love your swoon blocks - I think I need this pattern too:)


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