Tuesday, October 18, 2011

App Time!

Hey everybody, I wanted to share this AMAZING app I have on my iPhone.
I came across this app a few months ago and have been using it ever since, then yesterday when I was using it I was struck with the *AHA* moment that maybe you all would like to know about it as well!

Robert Kaufman has this FREE app out that you can download to your smart phone!

Some features include :
  • a converter between fractions and decimals
  • a backing and batting calculator
  • a piece count calculator that figures out the number of pieces of a given size can be cut from a larger piece of fabric and vice versa, how much fabric is needed to get a certain number of pieces of a given size (AMAZING perk - use it all the time)
    • This one actually shows you how to best cut the fabric also to get the most pieces!!
  • a binding calculator
  • a border calculator
  • calculators for square-in-a-square, set-in and corner triangles
I'm not sure which Smartphones will readily have access but I know iPhone users will have access.

(nobody asked me to write this review, I really just wanted you all to know because I think its so fabulous and get so much use out of it!!)

Anybody else have any apps that they use for quilting??



  1. I'm not sure if my phone is smart enough (it's a DROID), but I'm sure going to check! Thanks.

  2. I'm not cool enough to have an iPhone, but this looks completely interesting. Would love to check it out (eventually)! Thanks for the suggestion :)

  3. I have a totally uncool, and untrendy ancient Nokia, but this looks cool!

  4. This app is also available in an Android version. I love it.


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