Monday, October 31, 2011

Christmas 2010

Alright, so if any of you have read my "About Me" and actually made it partway through I mention a quilt that really is the reason I jumped into quilting and started the blog, etc. etc.

I figured this was the perfect time..

The story goes like this..
Last year I started dating my boyfriend and he had seen the quilt on my bed (my mom and I made together) and being the sarcastic guy that he is - jokingly said I should make him a quilt for Christmas.
Let me put this into perspective for you - we started dating in April, he made this comment around July.

Well, by September I decided I would stick it to him that holiday season and I began my search for a simple enough pattern to follow, supplies I would need, etc. 
I began sketching out ideas, scouring the internet, etc. etc.
I finally found this pattern 

Well, being from New Jersey, my boyfriend is a DIEHARD Yankee fan, while I personally prefer not to watch baseball, just to be a nudge i'm a "Mets" fan.
I wanted this love of sports to play a part, I thought it might help him appreciate the quilt a bit more.

Well, the research for yankee cotton fabric began. I soon realized this would be out of the question.
Did you know that MLB fabric is EXPENSIVE??
Apparently the rights to make the fabric was only out for a few short years, as such, the quantity of fabric is minimal, so browsing ebay or other sights I was looking at sums of $20 for a 1/2 yard and more. As a broke college student this was OUT OF THE QUESTION.
Even now as a working girl.. still OUT OF THE QUESTION haha

So the colors were at least set - blue and white.
Then I started googling pattern ideas and I found this one..

Well, even though it gave measurements I really had no idea how much material I'd need, how many blocks, etc. 
My boyfriend has a queen size bed, so I was aiming HIGH.

 In process photos (how I managed to take these, pre-blogging and WHY I took them? Idk.)
unfortunately the "wrong" side of it, I was getting ready to back it..

The ONLY picture of the backing.. which is fleece (apparently the only fabric from MLB you can still get with logos)

Then, the big reveal.. needless to say boyfriend was super confused why I was step by step documenting his reaction (my mom was so upset she wasn't there to see it, so I promised to document)

still kinda confused...
(Anyone else notice the amazing quilt already on his bed?!??! 
His grandmother was a quilter, I LOVE this quilt)

Shock is setting in..

(unfortunately the only picture of it all laid out, and boyfriend won't let me take it outside now and take current pictures because of its size)

Happy boyfriend.

This was pre-machine binding and quilting knowledge, so its actually turned on the edges and "quilted" with ties throughout the quilt. This was also pre-cotton batting, so the polyester stuff is FLUFFY.

Regardless, boyfriend has seen newer quilts with more experience and still favors his, so if he's happy, i'm happy. 
Remember how I said I didn't know how much fabric I'd need? Oh yeh, tons of scraps (front and backing) so his mother is getting a lap quilt this Christmas with the same fabrics :)

I've been meaning to write about this quilt for some time and
 thanks to the Bloggers Quilt Festival 2011 I decided to do just that.



  1. Love the quilt! Love the pictures of him getting it, great story.

  2. Fun story, and what an awesome gift! I love the picture when "shock is setting in". Hope he got you something good that year!

  3. Happy boyfriend = awesome! The quilt is lovely.

  4. Great story, I bet he was very touched with all the effort you put into making it.

  5. What a great story! (And a great quilt!)

  6. A wonderful story! Love the play by play photos of him receiving the quilt! An awesome quilt too by the way!! 8-)

  7. what a great quilt! The smile on his face says it all!

  8. Lol, well better too much fabric than too little! Glad to see he was so happy with it (otherwise you might have had to use it to dispose of the body, and that would have been such a waste... ;o) )

  9. GREAT story and beautiful quilt!! That's great!

  10. Very cool story and one beautiful quilt! Good for you!

  11. i love giving quilts for xmas - especially if it is a surprise for that person! =) Also I like how you used the blue instead of the yankee fabric =)

  12. I remember this story :D Fun to see it again!

  13. Welcome Magyrországról. I really like your quilt. Beautiful colors, and stitching. I love the asymmetrical patterns.

  14. Hi, I've been following your blog for ages and just happened to come across this post from your 'about you' section. Your boyfriend is a keeper! how sweet that he had his grandmothers quilt on his bed. Very interesting job you have, I'm sure you must find it rewarding to help these kids find their voice. My daughter Sophie has special needs and uses sign language as a communication tool. It's a simplified language that helps children and adults with learning disabilities bridge the gap between intent and expression.
    happy quilting


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