Friday, October 21, 2011

Friday Favorites

This week was all about the HST's for me. 
I personally love the look they give projects and it's a real test of my cutting/sewing ability to make sure all those darn points match up!

(btw I am aware that not all of these are in fact HST's! haha)

Have a fabulous Friday everyone and for those of you in another part of the world, have a fabulous night!

I'll be back this weekend with some more sewing to show! I've been productive!!



  1. I love a good HST. Nothing make sme happier than when the points meet up. Ah, satisfaction.

  2. Cute mosaic! Thus far an HST and I have never met, I shall have to remedy that in the future

  3. Got a bit fed up with HSTs after an HST sashing on one quilt but inspiration like this might just interest me in them again. Love the doll quilt - lucky you - the shapes and colours are right up my street!


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