Friday, October 14, 2011

Gift for ME!

I've decided that with all the sewing I do, I need to create for me sometimes too!
My machine is totally naked! It needs to be covered up!!


I decided to look for some sewing machine covers I LOVE and create something for me!
Trouble is.. with Christmas only.. less than 80 days away, I have too much else on my plate.. so therefore, in the new year, this will be one of my first projects!

I have 3 months to design I want -- What have you taken the time to make specially for YOU?!



  1. Well, for me it's all about the swoon quilt for my hubby's and my bed. The kids both have quilts, so now it's our turn!

  2. For one, #7 up there - which I use with pleasure almost every night and also my summer sampler quilt - totally for me & it gave me pleasure every step of the way.

  3. Over the summer I made a few dresses and skirts for me. And one day, when I finish my Summer Sampler Quilt, it'll be for me too. One day...

  4. Yes. Make something for you. Go on - you make such beautiful things wouldn't you treat yourself? xx

  5. I totally know what you mean here! My new machine (Big Brother) is sitting here with a boring plastic cover he came with. I think he needs a much smarter cover, but like you I have swaps and Christmas to do first! Lets make January the month of us :oD


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