Friday, October 28, 2011

Not a lot of sewing..

This week has been crazy with TWO back-to-school nights (the perks of having multiple students in multiple grades)
So, needless to say my sewing machine has been pretty quiet this week.
I did however sit back and watch some movies so I decided to let you know about them!

This one I saw on Wednesday and it was hysterical. Definitely not a children's movie though. I'm a huge Ryan Reynolds fan so if you like him, I recommend it even more.

This movie I saw on Monday, and it was awesome. My boyfriend isn't one for romantic comedies so i was surprised he even agreed. This movie was HYSTERICAL and was something we both could enjoy.
4 stars!

Alright, sewing this weekend I hope.
Anyone else in my area where they are calling for SNOW tomorrow?
Ugh, its October! Too early!!

Enjoy the weekend everyone, here's to being productive!


1 comment:

  1. Snow? Sounds like a good excuse to stay home and sew to me ;o)


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