Sunday, October 9, 2011

Sunday Sewing

Alright, so this weekend I was GUNG-HO with all the sewing I was going to get done.. I made my lists, I had my supplies.. then, Saturday I wasn't feeling so hot..

So today (sunday) I decided to get moving!
I pulled out my Christmas stash to start on a runner for the swap I'm in, pulled out my scraps for the  scrap swap... and then..


Inspiration was totally lacking.
I think the fact that it was 85 degrees here today and I had Christmas fabric on my lap was what started the downward spiral..

So, I went outside and gave my puppy a bath.. so beautiful, why not -- she wasn't very pleased though haha

such a sad face, but so cute and now she's CLEAN! 

Thennn, I wasted more time and made chocolate chip cookies :)

Alright, down to business -- I had my first attempt at printing on fabric today.. went well until my printer decided it was tired and was going to eat the fabric instead of print on it haha

Finally productivity! A pouch I made for my scrap swap partner! This was another first! First time Ive ever made a buttonhole!! I used this tutorial

Inside, could be used as a coin purse or travel sewing case :)

Alright, so all in all, productive Sunday turned into a quasi-productive, I'll take what I got done kind of day.. thats the way it goes -- busy week ahead so we'll see how much sewing I actually accomplish..

It's going to be 82 degrees by me again tomorrow, at this rate.. my Christmas sewing will never get done!!



  1. I came over from Sew Happy Geek. I love the little pouch you made!

  2. Well done on your first buttonhole, not my favourite thing to do but really useful and the pouch is great, now on my to do list!

  3. I love your scrappy purse! I can't remember who I partnered you with but I know someone who will love it so I wonder if it was her LOL...

  4. What a cute purse! It can be hard to think Christmas when the weather is warm and beautiful! Cute dog!

  5. Sure, a clean dog and cookies are productive ;o) Cute purse, and good luck with the Christmas thing, I've been avoiding it like the plague lol

  6. I've had those days.... Love the purse and it would be perfect for sewing days.


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