Wednesday, October 5, 2011

W.I.P. Wednesday #7

It's Wednesday again and we're jumping right in!

Works in Progress-
1. Surprise Quilt - fabric arrived, research is done, pattern is 50% completed (measurements haven't even been started!), sewing should commence next week? 

2. Which Witch - decided to jump right in, pieces are being cut and i'll show you more as I continue

3. Swoon blocks - on hold. 3 finished but wayyyy too much other stuff going on..

4. Scrappy Swap - working on figuring out scraps to send my partner as well as a scrap project.. more to follow

5. Table Runner/Wall Hanging Swap - pattern determined - picking fabrics this week(end)

6. Christmas Table Runner swap - awaiting partner details..

Anyone else think i'm spreading myself a BIT too thin??

Completed Projects
1. Pay it Forward #1 - Finished and mailed this past weekend, just waiting to hear that it arrived safely -- ladies check your mailboxes :) I definitely enjoyed working on this one and i'm hoping the recipient likes it as much as I do because it was a struggle to take this and mail it, my family fell in love, so I guess i'll be making another one eventually.. Here's the sneak peak pictures I posted..

Seriously, I need to get moving if I want to get going on all this swap stuff -- that.. and all my christmas stuff! 
I saw on a blog the other day that there was 80ish days till Christmas.. seriously seems like a lot, but in reality with life.. its not!! 



  1. 80 days!? Oh dear....Your quilting agenda sounds alot like mine - lots of things going on & lots of things I want to do - including the swaps with those darn deadlines! Good luck! Your PIF quilt sneak peek looks great!

  2. Wow :) Those swoons are pretty!

  3. Love the swoons! They're beautiful!

  4. I'm always so happy when I see swoons. Yours are so lovely.

  5. I would hate to comment on your spread-thinness for fear of my pot handle emerging ;o) However, what you're up to looks fab

  6. Great little label, I just have generic iron on ones and glue gets everywhere...Looks like you had a productive week!


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