Wednesday, October 19, 2011

W.I.P. Wednesday #9

Here we are again, but this time I have some things to show!

Works in Progress
1. Elf Wall Hanging - top done, basted, waiting to be quilted.

2. Modern Table Runner Swap - finished the quilt top, waiting to be basted and quilted!! Hoping my partner will like this, she said its best to "keep it simple" with her!

I used some pieces from a jelly roll of "Figgy Pudding" that I had - I like it so much I see another one in my future (don't you hate when that happens!)

3. Christmas Surprise Quilt - Somehow every week I feel like I'm retyping the same thing.. pieces cut and beginning to work on quilt top (definitely falling to the bottom of the list meaning i'll be working into the last moments with it!)

4. Sew Happy Geek Table Runner/Wall Hanging Swap -- 
I've attempted pulling fabrics, attempted designing.. nothing seems to fit my partner -- sigh, i'll keep trying, wish me luck!

5. Mystery - I mentioned last week I was working on something I may sell for the holidays, but I need to keep working on it and as we get closer I'll show everyone and see what your thoughts are!

Completed Projects
1. Curtains - This project became a "new" project as of Friday night, and completed by Saturday. My sister came home from college requesting simple curtains, there were 4 panels total, but they were a quick job :)

New Projects
1. Christmas CopyCat quilt - for my boyfriends mom, pictures this week(end) into next week - scouts honor!!

2. Houndstooth pattern - received it in the mail yesterday!! This quilt come at special request from my boyfriend, in fact - he wants to pick the colors! (I may have to gently push persuade his decision) haha

On Hold:
1. Swoon
2. Spanish Tiles

Works in Progress - 5
New Projects - 2
Finished Projects - 1

Total W.I.P. - 7

This list wouldn't be so overwhelming if the swap items weren't due within a week of each other and the others MAJOR christmas presents.. 
btw, I saw a post yesterday that said 68 days till Christmas
(just in case you weren't mad at me already for having blogged about Christmas blocks, etc. haha sorryyyy!)
As always, I'm linking up with Lee over at Freshly Pieced
(If you've never gone over on Wednesdays you MUST - the talent these ladies have is amazingggg)



  1. Love the Elf feet!! I think I am going to have to do one now!! :)

  2. Yikes - you have your work cut out for you! I love your zig-zag table runner. And I feel your pain RE: the swaps - settling on what to do is much worse than actually doing it!!

  3. Christmas comes early for me this year, celebrating with my half of the family at Thanksgiving. Talk about freaking out... I am not making handmade this year, but I still have to shop! Love your elf wall hanging!

  4. oh, I love your wall hanging and table runner! Wonderful!

  5. I think the wall hanging is just very pretty.

  6. Love the Figgy Pudding tablerunner. I used that line for a throw quilt last year. I still have some stash of it I just can't part with.

  7. WTG on the lists. I totally hear you on the swap deadlines and Christmas though o.O

  8. Oh my goodness, those Elf legs are just the cutest things EVER!

  9. Those elf legs just make everyone smile.

  10. Love the elf feet wall hanging. So cute.

  11. Love, love, love those elf feet! That is so going on my bucket list. Great table runner too! You have a great eye for colour and design, jennifer.

  12. I love the elf lady with her heels! That is so cute. And I think your table runner looks great. Keep at this rate and you'll be ready for Christmas with time to sit back and drink some hot cocoa with your feet up. I haven't even thought about it yet...


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