Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Lack of W.I.P. Wednesday

Since I have had no power since Saturday (ITS BACK NOW!!!!), I have gotten zero sewing done since the last W.I.P. so I decided to link up with Lily's Quilts for a roundup of my October sewing.

1. wall hanging swap, 2. Modern Christmas Runner Swap, 3. P.I.F. #1, 4. scrap swap 2011, 5. watermelon colors6. Elf Legs Wall hanging 7. Christmas embroidery 8. Scraps Christmas Quilt 9. Curtains

Alright, all laid out, I feel like I accomplished so much more than is there! Haha oh well.
No. 8 is the quilt I'm working on from last Christmas's scraps - the story behind that is here
I also have a surprise Christmas gift i'm working on.. when I start being productive pictures will follow.. 
I'm ready for some winter weather where I can snuggle in and get some quilting done.. minus the losing power! ah! haha



  1. Great projects in your mosaic! I hope you are able to find some good sewing time now that the power is back!

  2. Yay for power!!! You'll have to make up for lost time now. :) I just love the little sheep in the middle of your swoon block.

  3. Woohoo, glad the power is back! You had a great month on the production front too :o)


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