Tuesday, November 1, 2011

No Sewing Continues..

Powers still out.
As of yesterday in my 300+ home development we were the only street without power
As of 5pm last night only one street now has power (it still isn't us! boooo!)
Who knows when its coming back..

Anyway, I received this fabulous package Saturday in the middle of the snow and came home to it on Sunday after being stuck out Saturday night.

All the way from Australia!
Thank you Michelle!

look at all that fabulousness!

I have been WANTING (to make, to own) one of these since seeing it here and here

She totally spoiled me.
Now to wait for power so I can start getting some sewing done!!



  1. What a great package & needle book - very cool! So sorry about the power outage....bummer.

  2. Still no power?? Well at least you got spoiled a bit with the package in the mail!

  3. Oh man, sorry about the ongoing lack of power :o( Yay for great goodies though :o)

  4. So glad you like your goodies Jenn. Glad to see they arrived safely. Hope the power comes back on soon :-)


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