Monday, November 14, 2011

Through the Ages

This quilt I've been keeping under wraps until it was finished.
Well... its finished!

I made this quilt for my grandparents as a Christmas present. 
This year they celebrated 62 years of marriage together.
If you ask them, they attribute it to the fact that every morning, 
they meet in the kitchen and give each other a hug and scratch the other back haha
On their anniversary this year my grandmother went to the store and told the man at the seafood counter she wanted "the biggest lobster they had for her favorite guy"
she's 82 this year and he's 89 
So this is for them, and the love they have for one another
Hard to see like this, but basically there are pictures from every decade they've been together.
The middle row in order is their wedding day walking out of the rectory, the professional shot taken later and then a modern day
Then, on the top row, middle column is a picture of the family they created in the 1960s
bottom row middle column a picture of the family they created modern day

On their wedding day

More modern day

Just a pieced backing and the white square is for my personal message to them

I wanted to create something for them.
That celebrates their love and reminds them that everything they've gone 
through has brought them to where they are.

quilt stats:
name: through the ages
size: 50"x 36"
designed by: me, using log cabin blocks
quilted by: me


Custom orders available
Contact me at


  1. What a precious couple : ) I know they will love it! I admire their love for each other and it is so nice that you are honoring them with this gift.
    Thank you for linking up to Little Quilt Monday so we can all enjoy your cute finish~~

  2. What a brilliant idea that's turned into a quilt your grandparents will treasure. This will become a family heirloom for sure.

  3. Oh, my goodness!! What a wonderful and sweet quilt!! And what a wonderful and sweet couple!! They are going to love this quilt! It is so precious!

  4. What a thoughtful quilt! And what a wonderful way to preserve the memories! I'm sure it was be treasured for ever!

  5. this is the sweetest quilt! and stunning, i LOVE all the b & w.

  6. Oh, Jennifer. This is so beautiful! Both the quilt and its story. This will be a cherished family heirloom. Congrats to your grandparents on their anniversary and to you for this work of art.

  7. super cool. what a great idea! they're going to love it.

  8. That quilt is amazing. What a fantastic quilt for them.

  9. Oh how wonderful! I am sure your grandparents will love and treasure it!

  10. Love it! What great quilt with a wonderful story behind it! :) Thanks for linking up to {Sew} Modern Monday and have a great week!

  11. Beautiful memory quilt! And that is a wonderful story of your grandparents. I am sure they will treasure it, and what a keepsake to pass down through the generations. Thanks for sharing.

  12. Aww, such a lovely idea, I'm sure they'll both love it

  13. That's beautiful, I misted up a bit even thinking about it!

  14. This is AMAZING! Are the photos printed on fabric?

  15. Simply amazing! I love the look of black and white quilts; and with special, memorable, black and white photos, AWESOME!

  16. What a fabulous quilt, Jennifer! Your grandparents sound completely amazing. I love your design and the variety of photos in the centers of the blocks. Such a great gift!

  17. How very, very sweet! I'm sure they will be so touched by your thoughtfulness!

  18. This quilt is wonderful. It looks great and has such a story to tell. Your grandparents sound a lovely couple and you've made a really beautiful gift for them :)

  19. What a wonderful gift! I'm sure they will treasure it! And show it off to everyone they can!

    You did an awesome job!!

    Hugs ~~ Suz

  20. This is so beautiful, what an incredible gift!

  21. What a neat idea! I bet they loved it! Thanks so much for sharing!


  22. This is lovely! Any words of advice on the photo transfer process?


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