Saturday, November 5, 2011

Weekend Sewing

This weekend will be filled with good things
This just arrived in the mail today!
I won it from FatQuarter Shop by recognizing Pat Wys in a picture from the Quilt Market -- guess all my picture stalking looking paid off :)

and this..
Think my students may have finally gotten me sick.. hoping to kick it off before it settles in
(Barry's Tea - we can actually get it in the states as of recently and not just in specialty shops!!)

Sneak peek of my surprise Christmas quilt top. 
Just about done with the top, I'm struggling with the borders so I may need some opinions come Monday!

Hope this finds you and yours doing well!
Enjoy your weekend


  1. Barry's has gone global!?!? That's awesome! You have a little bit of an Irish morning in your house. Enjoy!

    Can't wait to hear what you think of the book...

  2. Way to stalk those quilty celebs... ;o)

    As for the tea, um, yeah, consider yourself welcome to my share of the world's tea, oh, and coffee too - blech! Hope you're feeling better :o)


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