Wednesday, November 16, 2011

W.I.P. Wednesday #12

It's that time of the week again..
Not as much to report as I'd like but here goes..

Works in Progress:
1. Swoon - 5 down, 4 more to go (they're sitting on my rotary mat cut and pinned!)

2. Elf Wall hanging - needs to be quilted and bound
3. Christmas Runner - for my family, needs some hand stitching and binding
4. Christmas Scrappy Quilt - no progress, but need to get moving on it!

Finished Projects:
1. Through the Ages Quilt - for my grandparents for Christmas

2. Wall Hanging/Table Runner Swap - sent to my partner with some goodies :)

(for some reason I completely forgot to to photograph the package before sending it!)

3. Modern Christmas Runner Swap - sent to my partner with some goodies :)
(seriously, I promise, last time I'll be showing this! haha)

On Hold:
1. Spanish Tiles
2. Houndstooth

I feel like I spend my entire weekend sewing.. and don't have much to show for it?
I'm looking at my rotary table and I only see 2 projects on it..
What's wrong with me!? haha



  1. You have been so busy, such great projects. And I love the Swoon blocks!

  2. I love it Through the Ages Quilt.

  3. oh you have a great bunch of projects here! And with 2 more Swoon blocks cut out, you are soooo close to being done with them. They are beautiful!

  4. I so love the swoon blocks!!! They are gorgeous! And I don't think I can say enough about the photo quilt!! It's spectacular!

  5. Okay... I am drooling over all of your projects this week. I love those swoon blocks, love the photo quilt, etc.

  6. The swoon blocks are awesome! Also REALLY like the rainbow bunting!

  7. I'm just loving your rainbow of Swoons, and that was a fab set of swap packages that got sent :o)

  8. They look fabulous!!
    I love your list of To Do's. Everything is looking very organised,I envy you!

    Oh, the rainbow bunting is lovely too


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