Wednesday, November 30, 2011

w.i.p. Wednesday #13

So, since I skipped last week due to the lack of finishes/ progress and holiday.. here I am!
So far this week seems to be mostly about cutting up fabric for the various projects I want to do, then no sewing them back together.. somethings wrong with this picture!
Here's what I mean..

Works in Progress:
Project 1
Still waiting on some more fabric, but this is how the pile has sat since Sunday.

I finally cut into my Ruby layer cake and laid out the pieces..
Then I lost stamina and couldn't start piecing..
Luckily! I have purchased a flannel backed tablecloth earlier that day and the top 4 rows are on that..
I pinned them in place and folded it up (bottom row stacked separately, obviously)

 greatest idea ever
 It took me so LONG to place all the pieces, I would have hated to do it again!
(This was supposed to be my "design wall" of sorts, but I'm lacking a wall to put it on!
whoops! haha

(are you noticing the trend yet?)

Project 3 - Scrappy Christmas Quilt
 more cutting
any observant people notice the top left corner?
thats what I have sitting under my "sewing" table haha

woohoo! Finally some sewing!
only.. 100 more to go? oy.
Anyone remember these scraps?
They're from this quilt -- this new one is for boyfriend's mom

3. Christmas table runner

On Hold:
1. Swoon (pictures of all the blocks together -1 coming soon)

My brain is in a fog these days, so i'm sure I forgot some things, but thats the gist of this week..
Hopefully you're all having more success than me! 
Oh, anyone else realize December 1 is TOMORROW.
oy. mad rush to finish gifts can commence... NOW.



  1. Is that a dog sleeping under your sewing table? can't really tell.....Love hoe your Ruby etc. quilt is coming along - that looks great! I've been doing alot of cutting too with still more to go.....anxious to get to the piecing!

  2. YOu have been busy!! I love that boxy star pattern for your Christmas quilt!! SO cute!!!

  3. Love the colors of project 1. Your scrappy XMas quilt is going to be soooo pretty. Wow, you've been really busy. : )

  4. The flannel backed tablecloth is a great idea! I've heard of that before, and it's a very logical thing to do, of course I still haven't picked one up for myself!!

    I am so looking forward to seeing the swoon pictures!

  5. Ahh, well sometimes we have to do the hard labour with the cutting to get to the good stuff! Love the idea of the flannel backed tablecloth, hmm, wonder where I might get one of those round here...

  6. Oh can't wait for the swoon photos. You are very busy though.

  7. Cutting really makes my wrist, elbow and shoulder hurt so bad. I'm done cutting for awhile now....except maybe some squares for a string quilt if my big piece of soft fabric is as large as I hope it is.

  8. Well you are very busy Jennifer....I love the colours in all of your projects...lovely

  9. Great colours, you've got lots to WIpping to do!

  10. You have a lot of beautiful projects going on! Sometimes it is fun to just cut and get things ready to go.


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