Saturday, December 31, 2011

2011 in Review

First off,
wow, a week with no work and literally everything goes out the window
I haven't even posted about my Christmas goodies yet!
Oh well, moving on..

Well, as i'm sure for most of you 2011 was a BIG year.
Personally, it was as well.

I graduated with my Masters back in January.
Starting working many, many part-time teaching jobs through June.
Started my blog in August.
Started teaching full-time as a teacher of the deaf/hard of hearing in September.
Did A LOT of sewing through December.

Overall, I'm super happy with how 2011 came and went. Starting my blog was a huge undertaking and though I loved following other blogs, I wasn't so sure other people would care AT ALL about what was going on with me personally and sewing related.
The response has been amazing, I have met some of the nicest, most talented people.
So thank you to every single person that has left me a comment or emailed me or just discussed this hobby with me. 
I appreciate it.

Here's some of my quilting recapped for 2011

Quilts 2011

Other sewing 2011

Overall, looking back, I think I did alright, 
technically my sewing craze began in August with the blog
Hate to think about what next years will look like! hahaha

I have big plans for 2012.
Hope you'll stick around to see what I've got up my sleeves


  1. Great collection of makes. I also hopped on board partway through the year, I haven't started assembling a mosaic yet, I'm slightly afraid to!

  2. Awesome accomplishments!

    Happy New year!!!

  3. Oh you did more than just alright!!

    Happy New Year Jennifer x

  4. The blog does push us towards production, doesn't it? I think you've done amazing - lots of absolutely lovely projects there!

  5. Oh, I'm sticking around in 2012 to see what you create! Just look at your beautiful mosaic - filled with color and fab patterns. Yum. You know which is my fav, though, don't you? xx


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