Sunday, December 4, 2011

Quilting for Kids

I know everyone is busy with their families during this time of year,
but I wanted to let you all know about a fabulous thing that has been taking place.
Sarah from So Sarah Sews has been organizing and collecting quilt blocks.
She just recently finished quilting and sent 2 to 2 sisters in the foster care system.

These are the quilts she just sent to the sisters - I had the privilege of helping with these :)

Now, she is asking for help to make one for the brother. 
If you find yourself with a few minutes so spare, please check out the flickr page and consider making a block or two.
She has posted a tutorial for the blocks and seriously, so simple, but going to be a striking quilt.
She's using the boy's favorite colors (red, grey, white, black) - solids only.
She's using Toni's "Dead Simple Quilt Along" quilt as inspiration.

So please, I know everyone's busy, but a half hour of your time will make a big difference to someone else.
Sign-ups for the blocks are located on the flickr page.



  1. Sign I've been signed off for a week, I've suddenly found myself with some more time to create, so I've signed up for this round (as long as the black solid that's in the post right now gets here!)

  2. i am sure that the kids are going to love it, it is so colourful which is sure to catch the eye. plus you are so talented to come up with these amazing patterns. keep posting


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