Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Swooning again!

Finished swoon blocks!

attempting to determine greens..

grr for wrinkles! sorry!
I finally had a sunny day and by the time I got around to taking pictures, 
the sun was setting!!

I'm thinking a darker green for the last block, but i'm open to suggestions --
 these are the ones I pulled as possibilities
I'm open to any and all feedback so please comment and help me out!





Any other suggestions? I'll find my print later.
I'm leaning more towards the grass I think because none of the blacks are super dark, 
just darker variations..

Any and all help is appreciated!


  1. Lovely blocks Jennifer. Grass is a good green, and lightish and looks as though it will blend well. Irene

  2. I like grass as well. It looks fantastic, wrinkles and all! ;)

  3. You know I love the Swoon - gorgeous! I like the grass too. The only other thought - and it is only that - is a true blue, as the blue you already have is more aqua. Just a thought. Good luck getting that last block done! This is going to be a lovely quilt!

  4. Looks great so far! My vote goes to grass or clover. Have fun!

  5. Like the grass. I would consider a jewel toned blue (with the depth of the red). Just me.LOL.LOVE the blocks!!

  6. I wouldn't go TOO dark. None of the other blocks seem to be too dark and you wouldn't want one to stick out. What are the colours of that other green block? Maybe do the same, but in reverse?

  7. Gorgeous!! I love those blocks!! I would vote grass!

  8. Looking good, but have you considered a darker blue as a possibility?

  9. I'm thinking maybe clover but it depends on the print fabbu fabric you have selected to go with it. I'm thinking clover so that it will be different than the green of the finished green block which (from the picture) looks to be very close in tint/shade of the grass color chip. Or, for something totally different, maybe you may want to try out something in a dark tan/light brown... Just a thought... It will be wonderful what every you decide.
    Have a great day.
    Always, Queenie


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