Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Back to my Roots

This weekend I decided to step back from my quilting
I have been following two blogs lately 
Amanda who I found through all the Sewing Summit 2011 
and then through her,

Now, as some of you know, I'm a more recently found quilter
but before I quilted, I was an AVID cross stitcher

No, not the "ABC sampler, you belong in my grandmothers bathroom kind"
but more modern and related to our favorite place

Kathy creates beautiful cross stitch patterns, some of which I have made like 
easily our favorite

 the old library

the firehouse

So, the last two I haven't made yet
Since becoming a quilter my cross-stitching has taken a back seat..
until I saw this on Kristi's blog.

So, of course..
I had to make

Yes, I'm fully aware it's not even close to Halloween
But, by working on it slowly (if you've ever cross stitched you know it takes a while)
I'll get it done by this year :)

This was my weekend progress 
It's so much fun and so cute!

Closeup of what the finished will look like..

Sorry to those of you with Valentine's day on the brain :)
Don't worry, I'm still a quilter and will be showing that more than this
but I will be updating my progress
(Hopefully with better, daytime shots.. sorry!)

Happy Tuesday everyone!

Monday, January 30, 2012

Weekend Recap

Took it veryyyy easy this weekend.
I'm not sure if its the weather (its been MILD near me)
that's messing with me or work but I'm just in a sewing FUNK.

I did manage to finish BF's 1001 Peeps quilt top this weekend

Sorry for the puffed out shots
veryyyy windy but needed the daylight!

 The sides are like film strips, with a different scene from the 1001 Peeps collection showcased in each,
I do wish I'd had this bright idea initially though, some of the showcased prints could have been better..
live and learn right?

This is the backing that boyfriend chose last weekend 
Flannel. & He picked it out all on his own.

Oh, and i'd like to point out that boyfriend is responsible for the showcased blocks
I was doing my random laying them out.. but there "had to be a pattern to them'
So I let him take over and it came out great!

Between the flannel and that.. 
I'll have him helping make HST's in no time (i wish) haha!

Now to find some motivation, baste, quilt and bind this bad boy 
Have a happy Monday 

(I'm linking up at modern mondaymanic monday &
sew what monday)

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Winter Sewing Mid-Point Check-in

I noticed this week that Sarah from Fairy Face Designs had updated her list with a mid-point check in.. and my initially thoughts were AHHHH! Oh shoot I forgot about that!

So, I decided to take a look and see how much I had actually accomplished

 This is my list that was posted when I decided to participate in Fairy Face Designs Winter Stiching..
I had attempted to keep track throughout December but then stopped :)

1. Modern Christmas Table Runner Swap  finished

2. Elf Wall Hanging finished

3. SewHappyGeek Wall Hanging/Table Runner Swap finished

update 1.23.11 - blocks done, needs sashing

5. Swoon Quilt - on hold
update 12.1.11 - 8 done, 1 to go!

6. Houndstooth Quilt (on hold till after holidays)

7. Finish quilt design - have supplies, need to make

9. Crochet cowl scarf  finished

10. Sewing machine cover - cancelled for now?

11. Wall hanging (design i've been wanting to make foreverrrr) - no progress

12. Baprons (babies due before Christmas plus some extras to have on hand)

13. Participate in 2-3 more swaps (maybe host my own??) finished (Mouthy Swap, Christmas Runer Swap, Sew Happy Geek's Wall Hanging Swap) - as far as my own? Stay tuned :)

14. Write some tutorials! (tutorial 1) (tutorial 2) finished - more on the way!

15. LEARN ATTEMPT TO LEARN HOW TO FMQ! (attempt #1) no more progress

16. Finish my 2 P.I.F. projects - whoops? soon!

Since then I've added to the list
1. Scrappy Christmas Quilt (12/25/11)
2. large duffel bag (12/24/11)
3. 1 "surprise" gifts (12/24/11) - sorry, the recipients read the blog! :)
                       finished 1 "surprise" gift on 12.4.11

Not fairing toooo badly.
I think some of these will still be put on hold while others i'm working to complete. I've also been working on some things not not on the list.. 

1. Getting my etsy shop running
2. Swoon quilt #2

3. 1001 Peeps Quilt

4. QAL #1

5. QAL #2

All in all, okay -- more progress to be made! 

Friday, January 27, 2012

Follower Friday #2

We're back for our second installment!
Up today is..


Name: Kate Fenton Landine (I know, I know, Fenton??  It’s a family thing)

Family: One boyfriend, Adam, and two boxers (Loki and Duke)

Location: A farm in Saskatchewan, Canada, an hour and a half outside of the province’s capital, Regina.  It’s peaceful and lovely.  Oh, and I live in a trailer.  If that’s not living the dream, I don’t know what is.
Flickr: asometimesquilter
Twitter: I barely facebook, so no twitting (tweeting?) for me.
Etsy:  Love regretsy.  Love it.
Day job:  I am a Registered Nurse, so it’s a day and night job.
Dream job: Probably a RN on Labour and Birth, but small hospitals don’t deliver babies anymore.

What are you working on now?  
As far as quilting goes, I just pounded out two baby quilts in a couple days, so the list is a bit short. 

I’m taking part in the Sparkle QAL hosted by Jeni and Megan, and the Sew. Happy. Quilt. QAL. hosted by the Sew Happy Geek (whose blog header I always mistake as saying Greek…).  I also have some fabric started for a quilt I’m making for my sister.  And I’m learning to knit.

Place: My home.
Movie: Well, this is an ever-changing facet of my life.  Right now I love the BBC Pride & Prejudice as well as the newer, shorter movie with Kiera Knightley.  And, embarrassingly enough, the Swan Princess is also at the top of my list.  But at least it’s not the Barbie version that I like. 
Food: Broccoli salad, mmmmmmm.  Also pork tenderloin done well.  By that I don’t mean over cooked, I mean skillfully so.  Make sense?
Way to spend a Friday night:  Well, since I’m on a farm, either spending time with my most excellent BF, or else quilting.  I’m not “exciting” and I’m okay with that.
Fabric line: Right now, the citrine colour way of the Heirloom line by Joel Dewberry.  I have it, and I may not use it for a long time.  Hometown is right up there too!
Color: I love green and most of its variations.  Honestly though, there are many, many beautiful colours out there and I just love them all.
Designer: For lack of real knowledge or familiarity with many designers, I choose Joel Dewberry.  Simply because of heirloom and the herringbone fabrics from his collection Modern Meadow.
Project completed by you: Probably my starry eyed quilt.  It took me a long time, and I screwed it up, and my hand quilting was despairingly slow, but it all came together so well!!

Project when you need a quick finish: Drawstring Bags made from Jeni from In Color Order’s pattern!!  I just want to keep making more and more!

Least Favorites:
Color: Greeny mustard yellow, or any colour you can prefix with “puke”
Fabric line: (hard to imagine I know!) Actually, surprisingly enough, for me this isn’t too tough.  I don’t like King of the Ranch.  Anything with “realistic” animals it seems.  Also, anything that is too traditional.  Hard to explain.  Etchings—love it, Crossroads to Texas—uhhh.  Granted, a beautifully constructed quilt can work in almost any pattern!
Project completed by you:  Well, the first quilt that I made.  It was a gift, and also the tester project to see if this whole quilting thing was for me.  Overall the quilt looks pretty good, but I don’t like any of the fabrics alone.  I just went and bought three that were on sale from Fabricland.  I didn’t realize I was missing out on the whole world of stunning and beautiful fabrics that there were.

There is is everyone, another fabulous follower.
Thank you Kate for participating!

If you have been featured, please feel free to take a button from my sidebar!

If anyone would like to be featured please email me

Have a fabulous weekend everyone 

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

W.i.P. Wednesday

We're just jumping right in, I'm feeling talked out today.. and its only 8am. :(

Works in Progress
1. 1001 Peeps quilt 
Special request from boyfriend.
I was never really into 1001 Peeps (gasp, I know)
but special request quilts are a must
(I even got him to go to Joann's with me today to pick our flanneling for the backing! haha)

2. Made in Cherry QAL

3. Sew Happy Geek QAL

I did the template star but haven't been able to get a good picture.

4. Mystery Quilt
5. Mouthy Stitches Swap - size determined, pattern and fabric choices in process :)
6. Swoon - borders needed, quilting and backing

On Hold
1. My Swoon Quilt
2. Ruby, Pearl and Opal
3. Houndstooth

Finished Projects - none
New Projects -  none :)

Total - 4

Monday, January 23, 2012

Winter Sewing

This weekend was FABULOUS
I spent it tucked away in my little sewing world :)
Every once in a while it's nice to kind of burrow in and just sew.
One of my projects...

I sashed the Swoon quilt!
Wayyy too cold for outside pictures though
I also added the white border, but I wanted to get my pictures while I still had the daylight

Now, for the tough part..

any recommendations on how to quilt this, 
Can you recommend some long arm quilters?
Keep in mind its 90"x90" and I'd prefer not to break the bank on the quilting.. but I do think this is one to splurge on a bit.. 
Decisions, Decisions..
help please?!

Oh! The winner of the Kate Spain stationary is..

Which is.. 

Congrats Katy!! I've emailed you to get your snail mail address :)
Hm.. just realized that the numbers on my comments isn't there - will fix asap.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Snowy Saturday

This is what I woke up to..
It's still coming, and turning into sleet later
Which means.. I'm not leaving the house :)

Somehow, I think this will comfort me
Salt air charm pack
can't wait to dig into these lovelies 

Ty Pennington's line, my QAL block and another mystery project.
LOTS of cutting to do..
lots of fun to be had!

Enjoy your Saturday!!

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