Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Back to my Roots

This weekend I decided to step back from my quilting
I have been following two blogs lately 
Amanda who I found through all the Sewing Summit 2011 
and then through her,

Now, as some of you know, I'm a more recently found quilter
but before I quilted, I was an AVID cross stitcher

No, not the "ABC sampler, you belong in my grandmothers bathroom kind"
but more modern and related to our favorite place

Kathy creates beautiful cross stitch patterns, some of which I have made like 
easily our favorite

 the old library

the firehouse

So, the last two I haven't made yet
Since becoming a quilter my cross-stitching has taken a back seat..
until I saw this on Kristi's blog.

So, of course..
I had to make

Yes, I'm fully aware it's not even close to Halloween
But, by working on it slowly (if you've ever cross stitched you know it takes a while)
I'll get it done by this year :)

This was my weekend progress 
It's so much fun and so cute!

Closeup of what the finished will look like..

Sorry to those of you with Valentine's day on the brain :)
Don't worry, I'm still a quilter and will be showing that more than this
but I will be updating my progress
(Hopefully with better, daytime shots.. sorry!)

Happy Tuesday everyone!


  1. Looks great!! I do some cross stitch along with quilting too. Great for when you just want to snuggle up on the couch but get something done

  2. haha. This is very fun! I used to cross-stitch too....sometimes think I should start up again - I need more hand-work in my life! ;-)

  3. Oooh, I'm a cross stitcher-turned quilter too :) I've simply swapped one obsession for another! Love the Halloween one, it will be awesome :)

  4. When I was a kid I loved doing cross stitch. My mom kept telling me boys should not do things like that and I quit. Teach me to do what my mom says. Those look great.


  5. Cute! I used to cross stitch too. Funny how so many of us have!

  6. Ooh, that looks fun! Unlike the others, I've never cross-stitched lol Ridiculously complex embroidery yes, but my mum wasn't a cross-stitch fan ;o)

  7. I've never cross-stitched but that Halloween one is really cute! Almost makes me want to try it...

  8. What a fun counted cross stitch project. I used to do counted cross stitch, it is great fun. I would love to see the finished piece.
    Have a great day.
    Always, Queenie

  9. Oh that looks great! I really need to finish my KISS cushion, thank you for reminding me x

  10. I have two crosstitch and a needlepoint in the works! One is a stocking...yes they take that long sometimes!

    I love it that Halloween one!!!!

  11. I almost ordered that cross stitch pattern myself! And yes, I was once a x-stitch queen myself, but it got set aside when the kids came and I couldn't concentrate long enough to do it. I've thought about getting my stuff back out a few times, maybe I'll order that Halloween pattern after all... Your's looks great!

  12. Hadley was right, that is a gorgeous cross stitch.

  13. The Halloween project is so cute! I really love that school-house too. Incredible! I bet that took a lot of time. Great work, can't wait to see more :)


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