Thursday, January 5, 2012

do. good stitches

I'm a recently joined member of the Love circle at
do. good stitches and I just finished my FIRST block.

Rachel is the quilter for December and she requested
Herringbone blocks

Luckily, the tutorial is amazing, but somehow I still had the toughest time and had to unpick and restitch numerous times to make sure everything was covered.
It's on the larger size measuring 11"x22" completed
Overall, pretty pleased
though it may be a while before I attempt it again, 
or make a quilt from these guys :)

We took January off, so I won't have anything to show till February again.
Somehow, I think i'll find something to fill my time until then 


  1. great that you are in do.Good too!! Interesting block - I've never made one like that either. Our circle has January off too - but you are right - plenty to do!!

  2. It looks great :o) We took December off in both my bees, so I'm back in force this month!

  3. It looks great. I can understand though, about struggling with a block. At least in this case I assume you only had to make one?

  4. Very pretty! Our Do.Good Stitches circle is just starting off - hope to have a block to show you soon!

  5. Looks great! I really want to make one of these blocks... maybe even a whole quilt??


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