Friday, January 20, 2012

Follower Friday #1

Well, it's here!
The first installment of "Follower Friday" 
The first victim fantastic follower is 

Heather who is someone I've come to know through blogging and is seriously an amazingly talented woman. When I saw her email to volunteer for this I was so excited! I've been following her work, for a long time and am humbled by the fact that she regularly visits and comments on my blog, let alone was willing to be a featured follower!
Thank you Heather for starting us off right with Follower Fridays!


Name:  Heather 
Family: my husband Graham, oldest son Levi (10) and youngest son Owen (8)
Location: beautiful Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada
Flickr: My flickr ID is HeatherDD, though I’ll admit that I don’t use flickr very much at all!
Day job: I am a mom, and do not work outside of the home.  It is wonderful.
Dream job: hmmm, I have been out of the job market for so long this is honestly something I do think about often, now that my kids are older.  I think it would be a lot of fun to work in a fabric store, just cutting fabric, seeing new stuff come in, trying out new machines, etc.  Asides from that though, and maybe more realistic – I’ve always thought it would be neat to be an xray/ultrasound tech.  

Place: We have a lot of really awesome places close by our house, on the coast of the Pacific Ocean.  We love to go for walks and I find that these places are still just as beautiful, even after living here for 10 years.
Movie:  The Help, The Blind Side
Food: I’m a fan of pasta, of pretty much any variety.  I also really like homemade pizza.  I’m not much of a meat fan, which the males in this house cannot grasp!
Way to spend a Friday night: normally on a Friday night, we are just at home relaxing.  Sometimes watching a movie, sometimes watching a hockey game, sometimes sewing or reading….it varies, but never anything too out of the ordinary!
Fabric line: of fabrics I’ve worked with, my favorite has got to be Hometown by Sweetwater for Moda.  It is what my Swoon quilt was made out of, and many other smaller projects from the leftover bits.  I love it.  Of fabrics I have not worked with, I’ve always been a fan of the Ty Pennington lines, as well as the Joel Dewberry Heirloom collection.

Color:  I really like red.  
Designer: Camille Roskelley
Project completed by you: My biggest accomplishment as far as sewing has been my Swoon quilt.  I made it queen size for our bed, and while it did cause a bit of frustration from time to time during the making, it turned out wonderfully and I love it.

Project when you need a quick finish:  potholders, coasters, and mug rugs!  I also really like to try out new blocks that I see popping up as tutorials.  They don’t always turn into something useful, but I still consider them a finish!

Least Favorites:
Color:  I don’t dislike any colour but I think I use green the least in my quilting.
Fabric line: I can’t think of an entire line that would be my least favorite but I am not a fan of all of the “text” prints that are out there.  I know that so many people love them, but I just don’t get it.  
Project completed by you : I think at the moment, I would say my Kaleidoscope Quilt, which is still in the works.  And it’s not that I dislike it, in fact I really like the quilt top and it came together quickly.  The pattern is fun and easy to follow.  My hang-up with it is that the quilting didn’t go as planned, I am now tying it rather than machine quilting because of the poly batting I chose, and it is at a stand still.  I put it in the closet and haven’t touched it in at least 2 weeks.  It is on a time out.

Big Plans for 2012:
First on the list is to buy a new sewing machine!!  And along with that is to try free motion quilting this year.  I have been completely scared to try and I don’t know why.  I’m not usually afraid to try new crafty things but this has me intimidated for some reason.  I’ve had the excuse so far that I don’t have the proper foot for my machine, but the new machine I am considering comes with a darning foot so I will have no more excuses!!!

If you have not checked out Heather's blog lately to see what she's up to.. YOU MUST.
This is her latest project i'm loving (and pretty sure i'm going to copycat because i'm obsessed) - copying is the sincerest form of flattery.. right?? (i hope) haha
Thanks again Heather!!

Next week we have another fabulous follower!
If you have any interest in being in the spotlight email me


  1. Hi Heather, nice to 'meet' you :o)

  2. Heather is a very tallent lady. She has the best job in the world, being a stay at home Mom.
    Have a great day!
    Always, Queenie

  3. What a great interview. Heather, you make beautiful things!

  4. Oh I so love being nosey! Thanks Heather and Jennifer xxx

  5. Hey - what a great idea to feature Heather - this was lovely!


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