Thursday, January 12, 2012

Mouthy Stitches Mosaic

I joined my first swap of 2012
It's called Mouthy Stitches and it's being hosted by

I have been in swaps with all of these ladies before..
it's sure to be mouthy haha 

When I saw the people hosting, mixed with the swap 
(its a zipper pouch swap and FQ of scraps)
I figured this was perfect to start the year with.. 

Anyway.. I made my mosaic and thought i'd share
picture links back to flickr where the original links for pictures are

The swap is filling up, but if you're looking for an amazing group of talented ladies to swap with combined with a simple-ish swap that will ease you in.. I recommend signing up!



  1. Sounds like great fun-great mosaic!!

  2. What a great mosaic! You have beautiful colors in there. Can you believe the swap is full already? As of this AM we hit our 90, so let the fun begin!

  3. Have fun! Alas, I had to hold out til the next round (before my head or sewing machine exploded!)


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