Monday, January 9, 2012

New Year's Progress

So this year, I decided my goal would be to try and use the fabric I had..
I have a tendency to stock up during good sales, with no real use in mind.

January 1st I looked at my stash and pulled a bundle of hyperreal garden I had
photo courtesy of Fat Quarter Shop

Initially I had thought i'd use this in some patterns with large pieces, to show off the fabric
I liked the pinks and greens but hadn't come to any conclusions.. until now.

January 1st, I pulled this bundle (I had 1/2 yard cuts of all but this one)
For a long time i'd also been eyeing the plus sign quilt design.
Especially after seeing Jeni's tutorial

I began cutting the pieces and laying them out.
As I was doing this my mom asked me "who this one was for"
I have a tendency to make and decide that way later :)
Since I had no one in mind I decided it would be kind of "up for grabs"
After talking with her, I had a better thought and I broke up the design into two pieces


Perfect size for a baby quilt or even a cuddly blanket for a younger girl

Needless to say, thats what I did.
January 1 - I sewed, and sewed and sewed
pieced both tops, basted and pinned one

Now, I have one done and the last needs quilting and binding
Hopefully this week
Once it's a nice day i'll get some better pictures 
On the plus side (pun intended haha) these are part of my FAL list!
So progress is being made :)

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  1. Great job...I am hoping to do the same thing this year. I've we'll see.

  2. Very cute! Good idea to make 2 smaller ones rather than one big one. Every time I see a plus quilt I think "I need to try that!" and so far haven't. But I'm inspired to, once again. ;)

  3. Love the Pattern with the fabrics! Gorgeous :)

  4. Beautiful quilt top.
    Have a great day.
    Always, Queenie

  5. Woohoo, double tick there, baby quilt AND stash usage!

  6. Very cute, quilts! Would be excellent if you knew someone expecting twins!


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