Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Sewing Extras

It's W.I.P. time, but I haven't had much i've been working on..
So i've been sewing.. just not showing it to all of you right away!
So this is my "W.I.P." crafting related and personal related..

I decided this would be the year I'd try a craft fair.
Every year I go and say "I could do that" but in my head i'm thinking..
"I could, but would anyone actually buy it?"

So, after reading a lot of blogs of people that tried it this year and advice they give.
Moral of the story, i'm starting early and i'm making early to avoid later crunch time.
But, in the meantime I figured try 2 birds with one stone..
and decided to list it in my shop
I'll be trying different things and listing as I go to see what I like, people like, etc etc and then maybe i'll be better prepared come the holiday time this year.

First up, plus sign quilt using Hyperreal Garden

 Then, some makeup brush rolls

Please feel free to stop by and check out my newly opened shop

More to follow soon so be sure to stop back :)

Don't forget to enter the giveaway open till Sunday!


  1. Cute stuff!! Best of luck with the shop and the craft fair!!

  2. Your products are so cute! Good luck with your shop and at the craft fair! I often think I could do something like that and then I quickly change my mind. I'm too chicken. :)

  3. Congrats on the shop!! Love the makeup brush rolls, the fabrics are awesome.

  4. If you do a craft fair anytime between September and December, make tree skirts. I had a fair booth in early November this year and only made 2 tree skirts on a whim, and they were by far the most requested item. I could have sold at least 10 of them, and people were totally ok with paying $65. That's a pretty sweet amount I could have come home with. Except I only made 2, haha.

  5. Good luck with the new venture :o) It's also on my list for this year, although probably more fairs than online to start with


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