Monday, January 30, 2012

Weekend Recap

Took it veryyyy easy this weekend.
I'm not sure if its the weather (its been MILD near me)
that's messing with me or work but I'm just in a sewing FUNK.

I did manage to finish BF's 1001 Peeps quilt top this weekend

Sorry for the puffed out shots
veryyyy windy but needed the daylight!

 The sides are like film strips, with a different scene from the 1001 Peeps collection showcased in each,
I do wish I'd had this bright idea initially though, some of the showcased prints could have been better..
live and learn right?

This is the backing that boyfriend chose last weekend 
Flannel. & He picked it out all on his own.

Oh, and i'd like to point out that boyfriend is responsible for the showcased blocks
I was doing my random laying them out.. but there "had to be a pattern to them'
So I let him take over and it came out great!

Between the flannel and that.. 
I'll have him helping make HST's in no time (i wish) haha!

Now to find some motivation, baste, quilt and bind this bad boy 
Have a happy Monday 

(I'm linking up at modern mondaymanic monday &
sew what monday)


  1. Beautiful quilt top! I love the film strip idea.

  2. Love the border you put on the quilt, looks great!

  3. This is a beautiful quilt. Love the film strip edging!

  4. Really beautiful quilt and I love your outside photos!

  5. Thanks for linking up to Sew What Monday. This is fabulous. I love the film strip borders.

  6. I really really like the film strip boarder. Great idea!

  7. Wow, how'd you train him to be quiltily helpful? I need some of that action for my boyfriend haha.

  8. Very cool, love the film strip border!

  9. Oh it turned out really well, but you do not need a big head around the place, so don't tell - give him a zip to put in if he starts getting too big for his boots!

  10. The plus quilt is still on my to-do list! Everytime I see one, I'm reminded. I really need to just do it! Yours looks great.

  11. I love plus quilts, and the film strip border is awesome!

  12. Sounds like boyfriend has a knack for quilting! ;-) Your quilt looks great, Jennifer! Hope your funk let's you go soon!

  13. Beautiful quilt, and the film strip border is a great idea!

  14. My boyfriend does the same thing. He sees patterns (or where patterns "should" be) that never even occur to me!


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