Saturday, January 28, 2012

Winter Sewing Mid-Point Check-in

I noticed this week that Sarah from Fairy Face Designs had updated her list with a mid-point check in.. and my initially thoughts were AHHHH! Oh shoot I forgot about that!

So, I decided to take a look and see how much I had actually accomplished

 This is my list that was posted when I decided to participate in Fairy Face Designs Winter Stiching..
I had attempted to keep track throughout December but then stopped :)

1. Modern Christmas Table Runner Swap  finished

2. Elf Wall Hanging finished

3. SewHappyGeek Wall Hanging/Table Runner Swap finished

update 1.23.11 - blocks done, needs sashing

5. Swoon Quilt - on hold
update 12.1.11 - 8 done, 1 to go!

6. Houndstooth Quilt (on hold till after holidays)

7. Finish quilt design - have supplies, need to make

9. Crochet cowl scarf  finished

10. Sewing machine cover - cancelled for now?

11. Wall hanging (design i've been wanting to make foreverrrr) - no progress

12. Baprons (babies due before Christmas plus some extras to have on hand)

13. Participate in 2-3 more swaps (maybe host my own??) finished (Mouthy Swap, Christmas Runer Swap, Sew Happy Geek's Wall Hanging Swap) - as far as my own? Stay tuned :)

14. Write some tutorials! (tutorial 1) (tutorial 2) finished - more on the way!

15. LEARN ATTEMPT TO LEARN HOW TO FMQ! (attempt #1) no more progress

16. Finish my 2 P.I.F. projects - whoops? soon!

Since then I've added to the list
1. Scrappy Christmas Quilt (12/25/11)
2. large duffel bag (12/24/11)
3. 1 "surprise" gifts (12/24/11) - sorry, the recipients read the blog! :)
                       finished 1 "surprise" gift on 12.4.11

Not fairing toooo badly.
I think some of these will still be put on hold while others i'm working to complete. I've also been working on some things not not on the list.. 

1. Getting my etsy shop running
2. Swoon quilt #2

3. 1001 Peeps Quilt

4. QAL #1

5. QAL #2

All in all, okay -- more progress to be made! 


  1. You're doing a great job on that list! Well done!
    Love the photo of your grandparents - that's super cute :)

  2. I think you've done wonderful!!! Great progress & beautiful projects!

  3. Yay, you've done really well :o) How did the audition for colour for that final Swoon block go?

  4. Awesome - those Eff legs are brilliant and I love the original Swoon - please finish it soon xxx

  5. Keep up that awesome progress because you are on a roll, and I can't wait to hear what this swap hosting is all about... ;)

  6. Wow, you've got a lot of fabulous projects done and on the go! Still loving that Elf wallhanging!

  7. Such beautiful projects Jennifer - love your idea of a Swoon rainbow!


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