Monday, January 23, 2012

Winter Sewing

This weekend was FABULOUS
I spent it tucked away in my little sewing world :)
Every once in a while it's nice to kind of burrow in and just sew.
One of my projects...

I sashed the Swoon quilt!
Wayyy too cold for outside pictures though
I also added the white border, but I wanted to get my pictures while I still had the daylight

Now, for the tough part..

any recommendations on how to quilt this, 
Can you recommend some long arm quilters?
Keep in mind its 90"x90" and I'd prefer not to break the bank on the quilting.. but I do think this is one to splurge on a bit.. 
Decisions, Decisions..
help please?!

Oh! The winner of the Kate Spain stationary is..

Which is.. 

Congrats Katy!! I've emailed you to get your snail mail address :)
Hm.. just realized that the numbers on my comments isn't there - will fix asap.


  1. The quilt looks great!!!

    Check at your local quilt shops for the Longarm! One by me lets you take a class on how to use the machine (I paid $50 for a 3hr class) and then you can pay by the hour to use the machine (I pay $18/hr). I can't do any fancy designs (yet! They have classes for that too) but it is so much faster and easier than wrestling it through the machine at home!

  2. Beautiful! It looks so nice Jennifer!

  3. Absolutely LOVING your Swoon quilt!! Such cheerful colors for the winter time too :o) I definitely think splurging on this one would be worth it!

  4. Wow! I like that you used such thin sashing so the blocks are near each other but have a little room to breathe! Great job. I am awful at deciding on quilting because I doubt myself. Depending on how much quilting you want on it, you could do a diagonal grid that would emphasize all of your careful piecing as it went through each of those points from corner to corner. Or you could do an all over design of something circular to break up all of the angles, even like an allover looped stipple. Whatever you decide, the top is lovely!

  5. Jennifer, it looks GREAT! You know I machine quilted mine by myself, just using straight lines which I do love now that it's done, but I think if I wasn't so stingy I would have sent it off to a long arm quilter and gotten something fancier done!

  6. I love your Swoon - I have absolutely no idea on the quilting - what has everyone else done - that's where I start!

    Congrats Katy xxx

  7. I'm swooning over your swoon quilt, it is beautiful!!
    Congratulations to Katy!
    Have a great day,
    Always, Queenie

  8. Woohoo, happy new swoon! Good luck with the quilting, and thanks again for my prize :o)

  9. Oh WOW! I love this color combo for the Swoon blocks! I definitely am going to have to start swooning along.

  10. Congrats Katy!
    You know I love a good swoon quilt - I really am not (ever) the person to ask RE quilting suggestions. I'd go to flickr and see what others have done and choose a favourite. Good luck!

  11. Lovely quilt top. The layout - alternating the dark and light - works so well. These are the same colors of my alma mater. Seeing your quilt takes me back to my grad school days:)

  12. I will be interesting how the Swoonalong progresses and hopefully people flickr some lovely quilted photos. I've finished Swoon block number one - right on target for one a month. Whew!


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