Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Google Friend Connect

So, as I'm sure most of you have heard and seen Google Friend Connect will no longer be available to those blogs without a "blogspot" address as of March 1st.
I came across this really great alternative through some of my blogging friends.
BlogLovin works in almost the same was as the reader
You have your subscriptions, you mark them as read when you see them
and it's actually a better layout (in my opinion)

I added a bloglovin tab to my blog, it's over on the left hand side right below my picture and above my Google Friend Connect. Please use this to follow me in BlogLovin if you'd like!

If you're interested in starting a BlogLovin I used this tutorial that I found on Di's blog to change over my subscriptions and make sure i'll still be able to follow my blogs that are non-bloggers.
I may make the switch permanently.. just waiting to see how things go after the switch.

Don't wait! Make sure you are following your non-blogger blogs in a different way to keep up with their activities!



  1. Not sure I understand this...I read my blogs through google reader, but depending how I initially followed them, like say I switched to Wordpress, I would lose some of those connections??

  2. I added this a few weeks ago, seems to be going smoothly so far :o)

  3. How is it going? I am so confused by this too! I will lose all of the blogs I follow in my reader with the change up even though I copy and paste most of my URLs?

  4. I started a few weeks ago too. I wasn't aware of the import tool though. That's wonderful!


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