Thursday, February 2, 2012

Polka Dot Crazy

I know people are busy with things for the beginning of the year but
I'm taking a jump and organizing my first swap and thought we'd start it nice and easy.
Decided to mix things up a bit with this one and do a

Polka Dot Charm Swap!

Now, I know what you may be thinking..
are there really enough fabrics with polka dots on them for this?

Believe me.. THERE ARE!


Told ya, all kinds of polka dots :)

Since this is my first charm swap (swap in general) 
I'm going to take the first 28 people to respond that they'd like to participate

Here's the rules:
1. Buy one yard of polka dotted fabric (do not prewash!)
2. Cut into 56 5"x5" charms
3. Mail them to me by March 1st.
& I'll send you back 56 charms (2 of each print)

Now, since I have lots of friends that are international, here's what we'll do.
If you want to participate, email me at
and you can have the fabric shipped directly to me.
I'll cut it (no cutting fee!!) and i'll send you your charms 
(I'll invoice you through Paypal to cover return shipping)

for the 2nd bit of fun..

The fabulous people at The Quilted Castle
have offered anyone participating in the swap a
to be used on ordering the fabric
(doesn't include sale/clearance items)

Once I get the participants names, I'll set up a flickr group so people can post pictures of their material to avoid duplicates.
Also, this is where you will receive the code for the discount.
The discount code will not be available until February 12th and will only be available for one week

So lets get this going, I'm posting early to get everything organized so people will be ready when the code becomes available! 
Spread the word! Seriously, who doesn't love polka dots!

This swap is full 


  1. I'd love to participate--I love polka dots & charm packs!
    stephkucera (at) hotmail (dot) com

    I already have a question--do we prewash the fabric?

  2. I have a real affinity for polka dot fabric! I've just completed my first ever quilt, all polka dots! I'm international and have never done any kind of swap either but I'd love to take part!

  3. I'm a polka dot kind of gal! I'm international, I think your idea of sending directly to you is a good one. Or maybe I can find a good dot here and save you the cutting.

  4. I would love to participate too!! :)

  5. I sent over some folks who didn't make it in time to join our Polka Dots swap at Craft Buds, so hopefully they'll contact you! :)

  6. Oh yes please if there's still room! I love spots!

  7. Oooh, love polka dots! Can't believe you didn't go for my hybrid suggestion though... ;o)

  8. I am new but would love to play! I have a new love of polka dots!

  9. Yes please! Polka dots are greatness.

  10. Hi Jennifer! I just found your blog, and I would love to join in if that's okay! A girl can never have too many polka-dots.

  11. Saw you through Danny as well. I'd love to swap.

  12. I'd like to join up if there's still room.

  13. I'd like to swap too! LOVE polka dots! Thanks! =)

  14. Me! Me! Me! Is there still space? I'd love to jump into this swap.

  15. hi can i join too i came to you via danny !!

  16. Are you still doing this? I can't find where to post my polka dots on Flickr. Please let me know. :) Thanks,

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