Monday, February 27, 2012

Weekend Recap

Phew! Busy, busy weekend
I did manage to get some things done though.. 
including 4+ hours of organizing my stash!
There is still no semblance of order, so no pictures for you.. yet!

This was my big "to-do"
Baste and FMQ this baby quilt - 

I used the a layer cake of "10 Little Things" 

So, during the Academy Awards.. I set my mind to it.. developed my "design"
stippling, but still a first for me so I drew it out to try and get my brain around it and
My very first quilt, completely FMQ'ed

Definitely a work in progress, need to figure out the tension on my machine a bit more but overall.. not terrible, i'll take it :)

Also got my squares cut for the Granny Square QAL!
This one starts on Thursday!
Still plenty of time to join!


  1. 4+ hours?? Wow. can't wait to see the reorg! And wow those are alot of squares for the qal - good for you!

  2. The baby quilt is so cute! Congrats on your first fully FMQ quilt! I'm trying to psych myself up to try it on my sparkle.

    Have fun with the QAL!

  3. Productive weekend, and 4 hours playing with/stroking your stash is never wasted, it's inspiration time :oD

  4. Oh well done on the FMQ - that's back on my 'need to learn properly' list, again!

  5. Fantastic quilt!! Well done with the FMQ :)
    That looks like a lot of cutting too - I'm hoping to be productive tonight and this has inspired me to get cutting!!

  6. That's so cute!! love that pattern.

  7. Thanks for showing your FMQ. Looks like you just dove in and that's what I need to do!

  8. Looks great! That fabric is really cute for that pattern. I actually made the same pattern for a friends baby last year, but was not brave enough to FMQ.

  9. Nice! Keep at that FMQ-ing. It's so incredibly satisfying to quilt your own quilt entirely!!

  10. I love that baby quilt, congratulations on being brave and diving in to the world of free motion quilting!


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