Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Block round-up

This past weekend I focused on tying up loose ends and finishing March commitments
I managed to get my We Bee Modern Too block done

with siggy block..

Then I also completed the remaining 3 blocks in the SewHappyGeek QAL!
My 1st attempt at paper piecing!! 
Loved it!

All of the completed blocks

Now, to get the sashing done and the quilt top pieced to add to the link-up
I think this quilt might be one of my favorites



  1. Yay for new blocks - that's on my list, but I'm not getting there very quickly!

  2. brilliant love the colours of you qal top, what fabrics did you use !!

  3. Love the colors of your QAL. That's a job well done with the paper piecing. And your siggy block is super! I love that color combo, too!

  4. Your QAL blocks look great. And the bee blocks, is that one from the 99 modern blocks book? It looks so interesting in solid fabrics, compared to the very printed fabrics used in the sample in the book.

  5. Great job on the blocks, and told ya so (heh, sorry, did you think you'd got away without that? ;o) )

  6. The QAL blocks look amazing!
    I'm so going to have to get on this paper piecing!! Or I might have Katy after me ;)

  7. I love your QAL! That is going to be one great quilt. Great job, Jennifer!

  8. Oh your quilt is going to look amazing!

  9. Love the blocks!! All those aqua shades!! =D

  10. Beautiful blocks!!! The We Bee Modern Too is quite fun, love the colors and the block itself!
    Have a great day,
    Always, Queenie

  11. I love your SHQ QAL blocks - what a great quilt they will be! I've fallen off the wagon on that one, but your quilt of awesomeness is making me think I should keep on trucking...

  12. This grey and aqua blocks are gorgeous!

  13. Oh, I love your SHG QAL blocks.. great colors.. so pretty!!! Great job on your bee block too with the cute matching siggie. :o)


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