Saturday, March 24, 2012

blogger bundles

I'm having so much fun making these!

I personally have a really hard time matching complimentary fabrics
so I decided to use a tertiary color wheel and make some bundles

"Primary Effect"

(read top to bottom L-R)
1. Closet Coat in Blue
2. Millie's Closet Solid in Ocean Blue
3. Metro Living Lattice in Dusty Blue
4. Truck Stop Dot in Blue
5. Circle Stripes in Poppy Red
6. Simple Dots in Poppy Red
7. Sundae Stripe in Ruby Red
8. Hello Pilgrim Butterfly Sky in Red
9 Haybale in Yellow
10. Circle in Daffodil
11. Fizz in Yellow
12. Metroliving Lattice in Marigold

"Secondary Effect"

1. Dotted Leaf in Green
2. Woodgrain in Green
3. Hideaway Green Folk Art Birds
4. Purses in Green
5. Meritza Dot in Periwinkle
6. Purple with Green Flowers 1974
7. 1001 Peeps Jewels in Purple
8. Outfoxed Confetti in Purple
9. 1001 Peeps Jewels in Orange
10. Seeds in Orange
11. Prairie Rose in Fiesta
12. Big Dot orange - Annie's Farm Stand

I found all of these on Pink Castle Fabrics
and i'll be linking them up at I'm a Ginger Monkey

Maybe i'll actually have some sewing to show soon?


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