Saturday, March 31, 2012

Finish-a- Long quarter 1

When I started this Finish-a-Long, I couldn't visualize how it would work, so I didn't exactly do it right throughout the quarter..
Anyway, this was one of my finishes
Keeping up with the SHG QAL!
I was able to finish the blocks and the completed top by the deadline :)

This was no. 5 on my list
Out of the initial 5 on my list..
I got 2 done.
Meh, better luck next quarter?

I'll show the other finish tomorrow, back to sewing!


  1. 2 finishes are better than none...Keep it up!

  2. Isn't the point that you finish something? You're in great shape, then! Gorgeous top!

  3. Lol, well at least you got 2 done!

  4. They make an awesome top - be proud x

  5. Love how this turned out. I am still working on mine.


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