Friday, March 2, 2012

Follower Friday

This week's edition of Follower Friday is about one of my blogging buddies

Cindy is one of the first blogging friends I made and she's always got a positive word of encouragement or fun anecdote - if you've never checked out her blog.. you must!

Name: Cindy
Family: I share a home with my partner, B, and my cat, Clarkson.  My folks, brother and SIL are a huge part of my life, but sadly live quite far away.
Location: Galway Ireland surrounded by stone walls, fields, cows and distant mountains.

Twitter: Not for me…I get distracted easily enough without it.
Etsy: Some day, but not quite yet.

Day job: Scientist. I do research in regenerative medicine.
Dream job: I would love to be a vet, but the sick/injured animals make me so sad.  Is there a vet for only healthy, happy animals?  I want that job.  What?  What’s that?  And it pays well?  Brilliant!

What are you working on now? There are two projects.  First, I am trying to finish quilting my Community Quilt.  This project is nearly 1 year in the making, not because it was difficult to get the gazillion different fabric scraps or to piece 2,000+ pieces, but because I have been struggling with quilting it. I’m finally on a good path, so I’ll stick to it.  Second, I am working on a quilt top called Stargazing with my international stitching bee Sew and Bee Happy.  I am THRILLED with how this is coming along.

Place: Laying on my couch on a lazy weekend day (under quilts) with B and Clarkson.  Or my sewing room. Or getting my hair washed/head rubbed at the hairdresser’s.  Oh!  Or scuba diving in the Red Sea.  I could go on and on…

Movie: Fight Club.  Hands down.
Food: Anything made by someone else?  That’s not really true.  I’m a simple gal and love a burger (with cheese, no bun), fries and a beer.  Heaven.

Way to spend a Friday night: At home with good food, a glass of white wine and a movie. 
Fabric line: Don’t have a historical or consistent favorite. It seems a new line that I MUST have becomes available weekly.
Color: Anything true, bold and bright.  I like the basic 6 pack of crayons: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple.
Designer:  I don’t have one really.  Lately I’ve been into Echino and Riley Blake, but that may change in 2 days time.
Project completed by you: I have high hopes for my Stargazing quilt. I think that might be my favorite finish of all time…once it’s finished.

As for those that I have actually finished, I am quite pleased with Mod Logs. I love how crisp, light and fresh it is with the white, yellows, oranges and reds.  It’s just cheerful.

Project when you need a quick finish:  Recently I’ve been all about the quick finish.  Table runners, zippy pouches, notebook covers.  I think the later two are my favorite right now just because they’re new to me.  They keep me interested for a few hours and there’s an immediate reward.

Least Favorites:
Color: Brown.  Anything marbled or muddy really.
Fabric line: I’m just baffled by fabrics that are entirely filled with cats that look like they were painted on with water colors.  Who thinks of this stuff?
Project completed by you: Easy choice here!  It was based on a pattern called Natasha’s Fans by Quilter’s Home Magazine.  I still think this pattern is interesting and it was well written, but it was just beyond my skill level when I tried it.   I “doubled” the pattern to make a much larger quilt, used fabrics that didn’t allow the eye to rest at all AND had no idea how to handle a 60 degree triangle using a straight ruler.  Anyway, it went belly up pretty quickly.  Still, it’s nice and warm, so we use it under other duvets (so you can’t see it!) to keep toasty in the winter. 

Thank you Cindy!

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  1. I love Fluffy Sheep Quilting. Cindy does wonderful work and I always love to see what she's made. It was fun learning more about her! Deb.

  2. Lovely feature on Cindy, she's a honey :-)

  3. I always knew that Cindy belonged in a zoo!

  4. Wonderful! I'm going to the quilt festival in Ireland in June and I want to see this shop!

  5. Fun read! Hopefully I get to hang out with her for a bit at the end of the month if she remembers to pop up to Connemara ;o)

  6. Yes I am a follower of her blog. I'm forever commenting. Nice to know a few more things about her =D


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