Friday, March 9, 2012

Follower Friday

We're back and that means its Fridayy!!!

This week we have 
and also.. It's her birthday today!!

Name: Rebecca
Family: I have a boyfriend, Stephen, on days he doesn't give me grief about fabric everywhere ;)
Location: Florida! Right outside Disney World.
Twitter: Don't have fact...Twitter sort of confuses problems are for the young too!

Day job: Just graduated with a master's degree, desperately searching for a job. Maybe I'll have one by the time it's my day to be posted! :)
Dream job: Well, at the moment a dream job is any job; I've always wanted to work with juvenile delinquent girls in a gender-specific rehabilitation program, because girls don't get a lot of care in today's criminal justice world :(

What are you working on now? My Pillow Talk Swap project! Such a prestigious swap, and I was a little scared at first, but now I'm in the groove, churning out clamshells like nobody's business.

(sidenote - since submitting the interview Rebecca has finished her pillow and its amazing!)

Place: Oahu! I'm lucky enough to have been twice with my boyfriend, so here's 2 photos from our trips

Movie: Mulan
Food: Hmm, this is tough...bread...because it's so versatile and can be made into so many different flavors
Way to spend a Friday night: Someone else makes me dinner while I pull fabric for a project and then I cuddle under a quilt watching a good movie with a glass of wine. Note: this is not my typical Friday night hehe.

Fabric line: the Front Row print in Silent Cinema is my favorite print, but entire line would probably be the "boy" prints from the Children at Play line. I hope Sarah Jane designs lots more fabric!
Color: Blue or green
Designer: Hm. I don't think I have a favorite designer, because nobody comes to mind that I like all their lines. Oh. Actually. I guess I'll say Sweetwater! I've liked everything, although I wasn't really big on Hometown. Love Countdown to Christmas and Reunion though!

Project completed by you: It was too hard to choose one!

I get very attached during a project so there's really few things that I haven't loved when I was done, but I chose these for specific reasons. The stockings for their simplicity and my love of Essex. The quilt and pillow set because it was my first time really FMQing and it came out great and sold instantly at my craft show. The pillow, because, well, look how beautiful the clean lines are; that was for the Savvy Seasons swap, and I love love love it. And the SuperSwoon tree skirt because I made it back before everyone started doing variations on the Swoon, and it also sold instantly at my craft show.

Project when you need a quick finish: I like making hotpads because they're useful and good to have around in case I need a quick gift, so I usually make a couple coordinating aprons too.

Least Favorites:
Color: Red/pink or pastels
Fabric line: I don't like large florals, so I haven't really liked much AMH or Heather Bailey because it's just not my style at all. Which I realize goes against everything in the popular sewing world....whoops!
Project completed by you:

The project on the left is fabric that I love, and the design isn't even terrible, but it was my first quilt ever and so now I can't not see the problems with construction within it. And it's tiny, so I haven't finished it because it's just not a usable size really. Maybe I should make it a wall hanging? No idea. And the pillow because I just needed another pillow cover for a craft show, but it's not anything special; it's just blah to me. I revel in design, so I'm just not satisfied on a personal design level with it.

Thanks Jennifer! It's so nice knowing there's someone else out there my own age :)

Thank you for participating Rebecca!
If you've never checked out her blog, you must!

As always, if you'd like to participate... i'd love to feature you!
Send me an email to

Have a fabulous weekend everyone
I plan to spend it sewing since so little was accomplished this week!

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  1. Great interview it's nice to find out about someone new =D


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