Thursday, March 15, 2012

St. Patrick's Day

I had anticipated finishing this project sooner..
I had anticipated tutorials for these blocks..
I had anticipated so much more.. 
Life happened, 2nd job interfered and it just didn't happen.
But here's my finished product anyway :)

 festive holiday runner

this was (and still is in my opinion) looking like a pilgrim hat
maybe if it was green? the shamrock helps, but not much :)

back of the runner

So, any suggestions for the pilgrim leprechaun hat??
Maybe i'll alter it and have it ready for next St. Patricks day.. maybe?

Have a great day!


  1. Cute! Sorry, no great suggestions, but hopefully others will - tho I think it's fine!

  2. Very cute! I think the hat looks perfect.....very leprechauny to me!

  3. Cute! I think solid green, with a gold block (instead of a buckle) and the shamrock on the block? I like it the way it is, but can see where it might lean towards November instead of March...LOL

  4. Don't be mad ... but I thought it was a grave stone until I read you meant it to be a hat. You could turn the hat upside down and make a pot filled with coins out of it.
    It's really a nice piece of work.

  5. Very cute, Jennifer! Love the rainbow block!

  6. SO CUTE!!!! Seriously - by itself, it does look like a Pilgrim hat, but in context, with the rest, it totally works! I knew it was a leprachan hat right away! It's SO cute!!! And that rainbow block is amazing!!

  7. Maybe the Pilgrims celebrated St Pat's too?

  8. Yes the pilgrim hat should be green. Think lucky charms!! =D

  9. Very cute holiday table runner!! Regarding suggestions for teh hat... Perhaps if the hat were light green as opposed to black and instead of the gold buckle have a gold hat band with the shamrock coming out of the band. Just a thought.
    All in all a wonderful and fun table runner!!!
    Have a really great day,
    Always, Queenie


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